Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Way Modern Chinois

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights

Pleasant intrigue shapes our visit to Way Modern Chinois from start to finish. Way, the Chinese character, means something special and, Chinois is just a fancy way of saying Chinese in French. We find the concept of uniqueness and elegance unwavering throughout our entire experience.

Fresh OrchidsAn elevator door glides open revealing a mysterious dimly lit interior. Mirrors are interrupted with modernly ornate metal grilles and a giant vase of orchids stands erect in the middle of the room. The rippling steel casts silhouettes across the floor and tables and, lighting exudes a warm yellowish glow.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterElevator Door EntranceWe begin with a cocktail in the sexy grey bar. Roofed with a traditionally shaped Chinese awning, it’s the colour of cement, converting ancient architecture into contemporary chic. Metallic chairs continue the glamour with sequined pillows cushioning their seats. Low round tables and border lounges provide cosy seating spaces and the mix of funky relaxed house tunes parcels up the happening scene. Hubby notes the music more than once. Tapping his foot and nodding his head to the beat, he says, “the music is very engaging.”

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterWay Modern Chinois BarSignature cocktails are priced between RM40 and RM50 and are worthy of exploration. Premium liquor labels are used over bottom shelf spirits – the difference is well noted.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterBartender Shaking Some CocktailsJourney to the West (RM50) combines dried longan, dried dates, ron Zacapa, lime juice, ginger beer and lime peel. The distinct taste of ginger beer permeates from start to finish with the sweet savour of rum a delightful underlying current. Mimicking the Chinese herbal soup with its infusion of local herbs, the bartender claims this drink increases blood circulation and metabolism.

The Long March (RM45) features Jasmine tea infused vodka, lemon juice, elderflower syrup, egg white and lemon peel. Served in a martini glass it’s refreshing with a light creamy finish from the egg white. It’s floral and a chill drink, perfect for relaxing.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterJourney to the West and The Long MarchWhite Tiger (RM40) complements the menu well. Spicy and crunchy dominated food is digested more easily with the aid of this cocktail. Gen Mai Cha infused gin, sweet vermouth, lime juice, egg white and roasted rice produce a well-defined flavour. Instead of drinking Chinese tea, drink the almost savoury White Tiger. Also served in a martini glass, roasted rice grains and green tea leaves provide a gardeny garnish to the frothy egg white top.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterWhite TigerWe carry our final cocktail to transition across to lunch. Fine bone China bedecks our table but ceramics, resembling modern Japanese design, are used for the serving platters. It’s another juxtaposition of classic and contemporary, which we continue to delight in, well into the meal itself.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterOne of Two Private Dining RoomsWaterless Chicken Soup (RM58) is double boiled for many hours. Kampong chicken is used to produce an intense broth. No herbs, just a tiny touch of salt enhances the essence. A transparent teapot pours the broth into glass espresso cups providing more than enough for two people. Chinese people often believe this dish has restorative properties, encouraging students to drink more before exams and also when ill to aid fast recovery.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterWaterless Chicken SoupChef Louis Liu, from China, specializes in dim sum, so expect to see a lot of this on the menu. Snow Bun (RM10 for 2 pieces) is stuffed with chicken char siew and covered with a crispy white pastry. Light caramel in colour, the outer layer is slightly sweet like a baked custard, and the filling is savoury and mouth filling. Sweet and savoury, crunchy and soft, it’s both attractive in texture and flavour contrasts. The bun is light and crisp, not oily or soggy, but it’s also not so crumbly that it falls apart. We’ll definitely order this again.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterSnow BunsAn experimenter and artist at heart, this charming chef aims to transport clients to a different world. He wants to entertain both the taste buds and the mind, while satisfying the tummy and the palate.

Our next appetizer, Cold Flower Crab (RM33), is deshelled with its chunky fresh flesh served over the top of virgin piña colada ice. It’s recommended to stir the ice and crustacean together to combine the flavours. One of the most unique dishes I’ve eaten this year, combines the fun of the tropics with the fruits of the sea. It brings fond memories of the Caribbean.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterCold Flower Crab Hong Kong Choy Sum (RM 20) is organic greens stir fried with a little salt, sugar and water and topped with deep fried white bait (which can also be served separately). The crunchy fish contrasts the wet juicy leaves.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterHong Kong Choy SumCrab Roe Fried Rice (RM42) sells out quickly so get your order in early. Long grain basmati rice is stir fried with scallops, abalone and a generous topping of crab roe. A good rice candidate for this traditional dish, it’s not too oily and not too dry. This type is moist but doesn’t stick to together, making it ideal (although not common) for a delicious fried rice.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterCrab Roe Fried RiceTruffle Roast Duck (RM168) needs a 24 hour pre-order. Black truffles from Italy take this popular dish up a few notches from the common recipe. Rubbed generously in truffle oil both pre and post roasting, a pronounced earthy fungal flavour dominates the end product. Mandarin orange sauce and drippings are offered as sauces on the side. The orange sauce is rich and sticky and my favourite, which I enjoy adding to the rice as well. The duck is soooo moist and the serving size is enough for at least four people.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterTruffle Roasted DuckHoney Osmanthus Pudding (RM10) brings with it the aroma of the osmanthus flower and a touch of Bombay Sapphire gin. Lightly sweetened with honey it’s a refreshingly light ending. At first clean and cool, it finishes with a trickle of honey on the roof of the mouth. It’s a delicate dish providing just enough sweetness to mark the end.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterHoney Osmanthus Pudding Wanting wine with your meal? The Chilean De Martino chardonnay and carmenere are available at RM30 per glass. Bottles start at RM130 and go up to RM440 for French Mischief and Mayhen Meursalt 2007, or RM610 for a bottle of Moet and Chandon Grand Vintage Rose. Lavazza beans are used for coffee and tea is from China.

Way Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterLavazza CoffeeWay Modern Chinois, Damansara Heights, chinese bar, restaurant, clearwaterOolong TeaReason to visit:modern Chinese cuisine; non-smoking (yay!); we love the creative cocktails and sexy bar; Journey to the West; The Long March; Truffle Roast Duck; Snow Buns.

Way Modern Chinois

G-01 Work@Clearwater

Jalan Changkat Semantan

Damansara Heights

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Pork free

Open Monday to Saturday

Lunch: 12 noon – 3pmDinner: 6pm -10:30pm

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