The Waterfall, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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The Waterfall, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The Waterfall, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Elegantly positioned between a cascading pond, lush greenery and a lagoon shaped pool, The Waterfall is a peaceful haven in the bustling centre of Singapore. Located in the elegant Shangri-La hotel, supreme service is guaranteed and a tranquil happy atmosphere a kept promise.

Waterfall Views and Wine Fridge A modern Colonial feel paints the décor, with dark wooden furniture complemented by white walls, beige upholstered chairs and lots of windows. A wine cellar centres the room and the smell of freshly ground coffee tickles the nose wafting from the machine at the back. Open wooden shelves display glasses, ceramics and bottles of liqueurs, planting the seed for a well-lubricated ending to your meal. Air conditioning keeps the air agreeably cool and, low chestnut coloured ceiling fans circulate a pleasant draft while supporting the old-world character.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeThe Waterfall – Doesn’t this look like a nice spot for afternoon tea?An al fresco scene is not the all too common wet, t-shirtless mess often sketching poolside cafes. It’s much more pleasant. Cooled by fans and rimmed with gardens, dress is casual but by no means laden with bikinis and soggy board shorts. Calm, but energized with international beats, the The Waterfall’s outdoor setting is elegantly chic and at the same time warm and friendly.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeOutdoor Dining – The WaterfallMediterranean Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeThe Waterfall – al Fresco SeatingA Mediterranean theme marks the menu fresh and healthy. Based on seasonal ingredients, the freshest of produce and minimal processing, dishes are clean, delicious and, for the most part, guilt-free.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeHerb GardenA good Mediterranean wine list complements the food. From the South of Spain to the coastal regions of Costa Brava, Provence and Sicily, over 20 wines are sold by the glass. It’s a warm day and we have views of the glistening pool so we both feel like indulging in something light. I choose the Chardonnay, Quinta de Cidro, Douro, Portugal ($28 per glass). Its fermentation in oak barrels comes through to the nose alongside a whiff of vanilla and stone fruit. Full flavoured and a little dry, it’s a fantastic wine and goes well with both our salads and fish. Hubby is still recovering from last night’s excess so chooses a Lemon, Lime and Bitters soda by Phoenix Organic soda ($9). He finds it gratifyingly sweet with a subtle acerbic finish.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeChardonnay, Quinta de Cidro, Douro, Portugal Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporePhoenix Organic – Lemon Lime and BittersA tray of freshly baked bread is passed around and served with a herbed butter. French mini baguette, pesto snails, organic oat and wheat rolls and, squid ink buns with chili flakes are the choices. Both hubby’s baguette and my wheat roll have crunchy exteriors and fluffy middles. They’re European style and we enjoy the firm texture.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeFreshly Baked BreadThe menu all fits on one page – which I much prefer over pages of endless selections. Generally a concise menu inspires confidence that ingredients are fresh and dishes have a chance of being of high quality. Even with the succinct assortment though, we find it hard to choose. Everything sounds so good. Our attendant is happy to explain each dish and is obviously very well trained – she describes each plate in detail – and we soon have our order on the way.

Watermelon and Tomato Salad ($16) is wonderfully fresh. The melon is deliciously sweet and mint, arugula, and finely chopped red onion add a savoury balance. We LOVE this one.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeWatermelon and Tomato SaladBaby Spinach Salad ($19) comes with avocado, pomelo, grilled fennel and crispy shallots. Hubby orders the additional bonito ventresca, which is shredded and adds a definite saltiness. The salad leaves are so fresh we wonder if they have their own garden. We learn they do! Fresh herbs and greens are plucked fresh right from the back door of the kitchen. While our first starter was sweet, this one is salty and, we delight in switching between the two.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeBaby Spinach Salad My main, Salted Cod Fish ($35), is sided by Spanish peppers stuffed with a creamy herbed potato crush. Sherry vinegar and tomato coulis are light dressings adding a gentle flavour boost. Cod is a challenging fish to cook. It must be super fresh and cooked precisely to bring out the best. The chef here has executed the dish superbly. A beautiful tower of fish is brilliantly white, flaky and moist. Even hubby, who is not such a cod fan, woofs down half my plate. It gets an assured thumbs-up.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeSalted Cod FishHubby has been salivating over the Iberico Pork Chop ($40) from the moment we arrived, so there’s no doubt what his principle plate is. Sauteed corn with carrots and zucchini, caramelized pineapple and smoked cinnamon sweeten the juicy chop and toss in a touch of Hawaii. It’s another champion.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeIberico Pork Chop Our host has chosen the Pan Seared Tuna ($35), which is pressed with peppercorn and coriander and, sided with steamed baby bok choy, honey glazed eggplant and black garlic jus. The crust is textured and, the fish lightly seared around the edges leaving a pink middle. Our companion kindly offers us a taste and we mark it as something to definitely order next round.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporePan Seared TunaAfter all of that wholesome goodness we think we deserve dessert. Hubby orders a classic, Apple and Banana Crumble ($11). It comes with a big scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and does justice to the classic recipe. The warm base is soon covered with melted ice cream and makes hubby very happy.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeApple and Banana CrumbleI can’t resist the Warm Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake ($14) and it is sided with a butterscotch ice cream. It’s rich, dense and gooey. Sublime.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeWarm Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Cake I’m glad our host orders the Fresh Strawberry Consomme ($12) as I was having a hard time choosing between the chocolate or berry dessert. Her plate comes infused with ginger and verbena and green tea cookies and looks a pleasantly light finish.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeFresh Strawberry ConsommeWe ordered all of our dishes from the a la carte menu but The Waterfall also has an attractive semi buffet lunch deal:

Antipasti buffet – $38.

Antipasti + main course of dessert – $44

Antipasti + main course and dessert – $48

Add $10 to include a glass of house wine with the meal.

Waterfall Restaurant, Shangri-La Hotel SingaporeAntipasti BuffetReason to visit: Watermelon and Tomato Salad; Baby Spinach Salad; Salted Cod Fish; Pan Seared Tuna; Iberico Pork Chop; Warm Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cake.

The Waterfall

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Level 1, Poolside

22 Orange Grove Road

258350 Singapore

+65 6737 3644

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