The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur is a stunning sanctuary in the heart of the city. Spanning across the third floor of the hotel, private treatment rooms are adjoined with a spectacular deck and infinity pool and, comprehensive wellness amenities.

Drawing on the wisdom and ancient traditions of the Chinese, European, Thai and Malaysian cultures, a variety or world-inspired treatments are offered. Massages, wraps, scrubs, facial and nail care form the most part of the menu. While each treatment carries its own standard of practice, respect for the uniqueness of each individual is the foundation of the spa experience.

ReceptionRoselle tea (a choice of warm or cool) in the softly lit waiting lounge soothes the body and mind, as we complete a survey about our personal preferences and needs. The therapist introduces herself and checks in with us, making she sure understands our specific proclivities and requirements.

Roselle TeaShoes are removed and replaced with slippers and a choice of oils – Flourish, Reflect, Bloom, Release, Quintessence – are presented for selection. Each are explained with ingredients and purpose. I choose the Quintessence, Mandarin Oriental’s signature oil blend, containing mandarin, ginger and frankincense. It’s said to both stimulate and calm.

Hubby, who has troublesome skin, is offered the super sensitive oil, which the therapist says is “super” and perfect for sensitive skin. The therapist encourages us to “follow our element.” I have no clue what she means and have made my decision based entirely on smell. Hubby seems to be connecting and is totally absorbed with the advice. Sensing I’m a “no fuss” kind of gal, while hubby is the opposite, the therapist effortlessly adjusts her spiel to each of us. Funny enough, we end up each choosing the same oil anyway.

We have limited time so begin our session straight away. If you have more time however, which I highly recommend you allow, you’ll be accompanied to the dressing room, and provided with a secure locker, a robe and disposable underwear. “Change rooms” is an understatement at the Mandarin Oriental’s spa. They really should be renamed, “havens promoting peace and relaxation.” Grand spaces include steam rooms, dry saunas, a relaxation lounge and hot and cold Jacuzzi. The amenities themselves merit a minimum hour of exploration.

PoolIn our couple’s quarters, music, compiled specifically for Mandarin Oriental spas, gently strums the background and, soft warm lighting illuminates the moderate space. When we’re changed and lying prone on our beds (which by the way are more than long enough for tall western bodies), the therapists re-enter. Comfort levels are checked and we begin.

Couple’s Treatment RoomChimes, made of seven different metals, sound to signal the beginning (and later the end) of the treatment. Breathing exercises prepare our minds and spirits for the session ahead.

ChimesWe’re both indulging in 80 minute massages. I’m looking for something strong yet relaxing so the Traditional Malay (RM495) massage is recommended. Working on the concept of moving wind, the movements are methodical and rhythmical, claiming to “enhance circulation and restore balance.” My therapist is clearly an expert. She uses long deep strokes, her movements profound and slow, which serve to send me into a deep state of tranquility. I’d jump at the chance to have this exact experience all over again.

Hubby clearly feels the same about his Therapeutic (RM495) massage, judging by the scroll of superlatives tumbling from his tongue. Hoping to relieve some of his body aches, resulting from a thorough weights workout the day before, he chose the Therapeutic, which asserted to be a “stimulating and deeply energizing” experience. The therapist uses elbows and forearms to dig down into muscle tissue and, hubby reports his masseuse as “professional with a very clear purpose.”

Showers are part of the room, but it’s recommended to leave the oil on the skin for an hour before bathing to truly reap the full benefits of the essential oils. While we’re changing, a card has been filled out for us, noting the type of massage we had and some suggested products based on our skin types and aroma preferences, if we should care to take some home with us.

Reason to visit: skillful therapists and high quality treatments; comprehensive wellness facilities, such as sauna and Jacuzzi, can turn a single treatment into many hours of sophisticated unwinding.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

50088 Kuala Lumpur


+6 03 2179 8772

Open daily 10am – 10pm

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