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Frozen Yogurt? Yes please!

Snow Factory

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Wandering around the newly revamped Avenue K last week, my wife and I were on the hunt for a good quality travel bag. My wife has much enthusiasm for walking and is also a little impatient, so there’s not really any such thing as a “casual stroll around the mall”, especially when she has a mission on her mind. That mission involved checking out every corner of all eight floors, comparing prices, haggling with vendors and, finally returning to the very first store we visited to make her educated purchase.
I like to take life at a slower pace, so when I saw her bring out her checklist to review the next item on the list, I insisted on a little rest stop before the expedition continued.
The new Taste Enclave food court is on level two, so we headed there. Fearing another round of inspecting every single stall in the court before a scholarly decision was made, I pleaded to stop at the first shop we saw, Snow Factory. Lucky for me, it looked pretty healthy, a yogurt store, so I knew my chances that she’d agree were good.
When I overheard my wife quizzing the attendant on the ingredients, and noted the reply “just milk and fruit… organic,” I smiled with relief knowing I could take at least a few minutes to recharge my batteries, as my other half learned the ins and outs of what we were about to eat.
Apparently Snow Factory is an award-winning yogurt brand from Taiwan. When a lovely Malaysian lass, Lipwei Chong, tasted the frozen treat on her travels in Taipei, she became hooked immediately and decided she wanted to bring the idea back to Kuala Lumpur. Hence Snow Factory KL was born and we were graced with the first store in the city centre.
Snow Factory, Avenue KPlain yogurt and frozen yogurt ice cream are both made by hand, according to strict hygiene practices. The ingredients are minimum. The yogurt contains just milk and culture and, the ice cream, a mix of yogurt, fresh organic fruit and sugar.
We couldn’t resist trying both.
Plain Yogurt (190g RM11.80) + Confiture (RM2)
Snow Factory, Avenue K, healthy desserts, frozen yoghurtYogurt with Pomegranate and Fuji Apple ConfitureThe yogurt is rich and creamy. It sports a shiny surface and is more solid than liquid. A natural dairy aroma is softly detected in the nose, and a gentle tang tickles the palate in the finish.
Confiture toppings are superb! Sourcing only seasonal ingredients, you’re assured the best quality and taste possible, but it also means not all flavours are available year round. We tried the Pomegranate and Fuji Apple and LOVED it!
You can also take home tubs of plain yogurt for RM7.80 and RM29.80 in their servings of 160g and 1000g respectively. In case you love the confiture as well, you can take home a whole jar of it for RM38.80. Awesome! I think this will be breakfast for the next week.
The Yogurt Ice Cream
The ice creams are available in different flavours such as: Blueberry, Rose and Apple, Strawberry, Apple, Passion Fruit and Apple, Cranberry, Pomegranate and Apple, Mix Berries and Mulberry. You have a choice of a scoop/s in a cup (RM10.80), a Wafer Bowl (RM12.80) or a Big Wafer Cone (RM11.80).
Snow Factory, Avenue K, healthy desserts, frozen yoghurtPlain and, Rose and Apple Frozen Yogurts in Waffle ConesSnow Factory, Avenue K, healthy desserts, frozen yoghurtFrozen Yogurt with Blueberry Confiture in a Waffle CupSnow Factory, Avenue K, healthy desserts, frozen yoghurtStrawberry Frozen YogurtWe try lots of flavours! The Strawberry is deliciously fruity and tastes just like those plump red juicy ones you find in the Cameron Highlands but that rarely make it down to us in the city. I don’t know why, but the Mulberry has a faintly creamy taste. It’s yum too. The Apple has the distinct cleansing property of Fuji apples and the Cranberry has a gently tart ending.
We think the Natural Yoghurt is divine on its own, but a Blueberry Confiture topping is fresh and juicy and adds a burst of flavour too. We find it hard to believe that the natural yoghurt ice cream does not contain sugar. It tastes elegantly sweet, I guess from the lactose in milk.
While we both love the Natural variety the Rose and Apple is extremely refreshing and makes a strong contender for our fondest fancy too. It’s lightly sweet at the beginning but leaves a delicate trace of rose in the aftertaste. We learn it’s the most popular flavour, especially amongst the ladies.
These Snow Factory treats leave us feeling good about ourselves. We’re satiated, but not feeling heavy from too much fat or sugar.
We like these desserts so much that we’d like to take some home with us. We soon find they’d make great gifts too.
The Gift Sets
The Yogurt Gift Set and the Yogurt Ice Cream Gift Set make unique presents for your gourmet buddies.
The Yogurt Gift Set comes as six pieces with confitures for just RM76 and 12 pieces for RM145.
Snow Factory, Avenue K, healthy desserts, frozen yoghurtYogurt and Confiture Gift PackThe Yogurt Ice Cream Gift Set is priced at RM135 for 4 pints.
Snow Factory, Avenue K, healthy desserts, frozen yoghurtSnow Factory Frozen Yogurt Gift PackReason to visit: healthy treats that are lower in fat and sugar than other similarly delicious desserts; all natural ingredients; no preservatives, colorings or artificial flavorings; organic fruit used for flavouring; owned and produced locally.
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