Samba, Brazilian Steak House, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Rump Steak – Samba Brazilian Steak House

Samba, Brazilian Steak House – Churrascaria, Avenue K

Words by Manveen MaanPhotos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
Meat lovers, this is the place for you. Samba, the latest addition to Avenue K’s list of restaurants brings the Brazilian churrasco concept to KL – with added finesse.
Samba, Avenue KTraditional churrascos have chunks of meat grilled on skewers at specific temperatures, and Samba aims to keep the cooking process as authentic as possible. Diners are presented with red and green dials to let waiters know if they’ve had their fill. Green is for ‘keep the meat coming’ while red is for ‘Stop, I’m going to burst’. OK, perhaps I’ve ad-libbed that entire thing, but you get the picture.
With over 15 types of meat available, we started off with the rump steak, clearly a great choice – plump, juicy pieces are cut from the hunks of meat carried by deceptively strong waiters. My personal favourite was the lamb with rosemary and garlic. The lamb slices were marinated to perfection and just so amazingly tender. I could probably go back and eat just this alone.
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KLambSamba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KLambChicken sausages don’t normally feature too high on my list of things to eat, but Samba’s version is surprisingly delicious. The sausage skin is crispy, while the meat itself is juicy and mouth-wateringly delicious.
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KSquidWe admired the view of Suria KLCC from our alfresco vantage point, and sampled the sirloin steak and beef cheese that followed, both great options for those after chunks of meat. I preferred the taste of the pepper beef above all, as it went marvellously with the grilled capsicum it comes served with, that really brought out the flavours of the meat itself.
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KCheesy BeefSamba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KBeef RibsFor those who prefer a lighter type of meat, Samba serves up cute little chicken drumsticks, chicken breast pieces wrapped in beef bacon, sweet chicken char siu, and for the more adventurous at heart, chicken heart.
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KChicken ThighOne of my dining buds enjoyed the buttered fish the most, because of its light, creamy flavours, while the smoked duck (crispy skin and all) was a favourite for another member of the tasting trio.
The all-around champion had to be the Cinnamon-spiced pineapple. A seemingly odd on a meat-filled menu, Samba’s Chef Peter Michael (a native Brazilian) explained how most Malaysians are puzzled as to why “dessert” is served mid-meal. The juicy grilled pineapple pieces act as a palate cleanser, but we loved it so much we ordered enough to make it a meal on its own!
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KChef and Owner PeterSamba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KPineappleIn a refreshing twist from other meat-heavy establishments, Samba doesn’t neglect its vegetarian diners, and boasts a lavish spread of gastronomic goodness, from a well-stocked salad bar and grilled vegetables to fresh seafood and fried goodies.
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KA Mix From the BarbecueA drawing card for the buffet would definitely be the unique Brazilian dishes, like the pinto and black beans that go perfectly with traditional cheesy rice. We also sampled farofa, a type of maize that resembles a dry polenta, as well as greens cooked with garlic – the Brazilian way. Rounding up the must-try list is the pão de queijo or stuffed cheese balls, served piping hot.
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KBuffetThis meaty, epicurean adventure was only heightened by some lusciously invigorating Brazilian cocktails – in the form of a caipirinha and a caipiroska – to quell the thirst and lighten the mood, bringing more than just a spring in our step as we exited the funky interiors of Samba. We’ll definitely be back!
Samba, Brazilian Churrasco, Avenue KCachaca CocktailsReasons to visit: great variety of perfectly seasoned meat; fun experience of barbecue delivered directly to your table: delicious cocktails; extensive buffet; vegetarian options for everyone.
Samba Brazilian SteakhouseLevel 3, Avenue K, Jalan AmpangKuala LumpurMalaysia+603 2181 8212 / +603 2181 8112

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