Prego, Your Fun Italian Family Restaurant, Come as you are! The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

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Prego Bar

Prego, Your Fun Italian Family Restaurant, Come as you are! The Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Casual Italian dining in an upbeat and colourful setting pretty much sums up Prego. The simplicity and freshness of Italian cuisine is echoed in the lively modern design of the restaurant. An open plan kitchen entices with delicious aromas wafting from the ovens and, provides live entertainment as chefs whirl, twirl and fire their recipes.

Outdoor Seating at PregoWhile the setting is chic and modern, the atmosphere is fun and friendly and we get the distinct impression that just about anything goes. From a family dinner, to drinks with friends, to a quiet cup of coffee and dessert with a date, it seems the Italian theme can cater to all.

Freshly baked bread is fast on the table with glasses too quickly filled with water. The menu is stocked with house made pasta, risotto and pizza choices, but there’s a fine selection of main meals too. Deciding we’ll linger for a while we choose something from each section, ask for the wine list and, settle in for the evening.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortPrego BreadItalian wine is the natural choice and a chilled glass of Canti Estate Gavi DOCG from Piedmont (IDR125) pleases my palate with its light body and soft lime aromas. Hubby’s keen on a cocktail. “We’re at the beach!” he justifies and soon has a Chi Chi (IDR155) wetting his lips. A vivid blend of vodka, blue Curacao, coconut cream and fresh pineapple combines to make a colourful concoction. Soon after, the Pineapple and Ginger Collins (IDR155) is in his hands, muddling ginger with pineapple and then shaken together with fresh lemon and vodka to produce a spicy citrus jumble.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortCanti Estate Gavi DOCG from Piedmont Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortChi ChiPrego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortPineapple and Ginger Collins As the meal begins we’re curious to see some wines produced in Bali on the list. Hubby braves the Sauvignon Blanc, Praga (IDR95), which breathes ripe pineapple on the nose and is rather acidic in the mouth. We’re intrigued to try the local fermentation but wouldn’t order this one again.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortSauvignon Blanc, PragaInsalata di Rucola (IDR) consists of arugula, Parmesan, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. The leaves are crisp, vibrant and fresh and the dressing a delicate balance of sweet and tart. It’s a solid start.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortInsalata di RucolaCarpaccio di Manzo (IDR145) is thinly sliced beef tenderloin, marinated mushrooms, sundried tomato and Parmesan. It resembles the Insalata di Rucola with its pile of garden greens on top, but a moist slim base hides underneath, providing another layer of goodness.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortCarpaccio di ManzoI can’t resist gnocchi and, a pumpkin version is even more irresistible. I order the Gnocchi di Zucca Tartufati (IDR140) which are supple pumpkin dumplings with sautéed mushrooms and a butter-sage sauce topped with truffles and pine nuts. The nuts and mushrooms not only add to the taste, but also supply interest in texture.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortGnocchi di Zucca TartufatiFrom the wood fired pizza menu, hubby thinks the Prego (IDR180) sounds lush. It comes with barbecued lobster, red onion jam and kalamata olives. A traditional thin crust satisfies our cravings and lots of cheese furnishes a gooey stringy topping.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortPrego PizzaI’m rather fond of fish and the grilled barramundi fillet sounds divine, so I request the Filetto di Dentice alla Brace (IDR225). It’s moist and flaky and is sided with steamed new potatoes and fennel with a lemon-butter sauce. I find it fresh and flavourful and not needing of the sauce.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortFiletto di Dentice alla BraceHubby has been craving something creamy and cheesy all day (nothing new!), so he orders the Cannoli alla Siciliana. Crisp sweet pastry cylinders are stuffed with whipped ricotta and served with strawberry soup, dark chocolate and candied orange. I know I have to be fast with this one so ungracefully snap up a big bite before hubby finishes off the rolls with orgasmic groans.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortCannoli alla SicilianaOur dining companions order the Tiramisu (IDR75) which is a good standard preparation composing of soft mascarpone trifle with espresso and brandy. We’re over the moon with the damp liquor soaked cake and generous layers of velvety cream. By the end of the evening the dish is licked clean.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortTiramisuThe Zuccotto, a frozen mud pie with Oreo cookie base and coffee flavoured ice cream, has been an unremovable item from Prego’s worldwide menu for as long as I can remember. Dining my first time in a Prego outlet nearly a decade ago, I’ve happily returned, celebrating birthdays, friendships and good food for years since then and, insisting every time in ordering this well-loved dessert. It’s nothing fancy, but the recipe is so comforting and familiar that it has become just about as ingrained in our hard drives as my mum’s own family recipes. We find this one a little icier than the creamier rendition in Kuala Lumpur (our home).

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortZuccottoEven though it takes 20 minutes to prepare, we agree to the Vulcano Fondente al Cioccolato 75%, which is the currently ever-so-popular chocolate volcano cake spruced up with passion fruit sorbet and amarena cherries. It’s a decent rendition and, rich liquid goo spills onto the plate upon breaking its dense chocolaty canister. The tart fruit accompaniments serve to complement the bitter chocolate with a zesty fruity savour and we declare this our most preferred dessert of the night.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortVulcano Fondente al Cioccolato 75%We finish with Prego’s homemade version of limoncello, which is not on the menu. Our waiter divulges its existence while I’m quizzing him on his digestif recommendations. Pale yellow and cloudy in the glass and syrupy on the tongue, I’m not sharing this one with hubby and make him request his own.

Prego, Italian Restaurant, Nusa Dua, bali, Westin resortHouse Made LimoncelloPrego is not something unique or new. We’ve experienced it all before. But, that’s what we adore about this restaurant. It’s familiar, it’s wholesome and, it’s an easy place to be. Consistently good, we have been fans of this brand for over 10 years now and, with the assistance of our most recent experience, it looks as though that devotion is not going to wane in the near future.

Reason to visit: well prepared Italian cuisine; hearty servings; relaxed ambience; especially good value for those with the SPG loyalty card; Carpaccio di Manzo; Filetto di Dentice alla Brace; Vulcano Fondente al Cioccolato 75% – a new dessert favourite; home made limoncello.


The Westin Resort Nusa Dua

Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua

BTDC Lot N-3

Nusa Dua 80363

Bali, Indonesia

+62 361 771 580
Open 11am – 11pm

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