Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

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The Courtyard of Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Plateau Spa is on the 11th floor of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and, offers a well-crafted, convenient retreat from harried city living.

Treatment RoomA comprehensive list of facials, massages, waxing, scrubs, baths and facial enhancements fill the menu with a large number of options that can be taken individually or combined as a package. Programmes of two hours or more include all day access to the heated swimming pool and fitness studio, which are part of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong. Sauna and lockers are also available.

With limited time to enjoy the spa, I choose the signature, 60 minute Plateau Massage. It uses a combination of Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish massage techniques to soothe tight muscles and relax the mind. A trio of aromatherapy oils, Relax, Detox and Flow enable guests to personalize their treatment with a preferred scent and healing focus.

Relax contains lavender, frankincense and geranium. It’s specially formulated to ease tension and assist the body and mind to find calm. Flowfeatures safflower, litsea and citrus. It’s designed to increase circulation and hence stimulate the mind leading to improved attention and focus. The Detox option uses rosemary, geranium and marjoram to speed up the body’s natural elimination and detoxification process. Unwinding is a challenge for me, so the Relax oil is my pick. I find it lightly fragrant but not overpowering and, silky smooth and warm on my skin.

Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong KongAromatherapy OilsThe session begins in an individual treatment room, featuring views of the harbour, separate toilet, bath and shower, a tea lounge and dressing area. Chilled water with fresh lemon slices refreshes as the therapist explains the next hour and ascertains any specific health needs and preferences. My masseuse, Michelle, speaks excellent English and puts me at ease even before her hands have started to work their magic.

Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong KongTreatment RoomGloriously soft towels line the massage bed and, the robe is so comfortably snug I consider purchasing one to take home. Prone and ready to start, cushions are placed under my knees and ankles, relieving pressure on my lower back. It’s a small, but important detail, distinguishing first-rate spas from average ones. Michelle is very communicative, often checking in on my satisfaction with temperature and pressure. The music is a placid mix of nature sounds and soothing notes.

Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong KongTea LoungeMy therapist is clearly professional and highly skilled. She works steadily with an obvious plan, but also adjusts time and technique according to the needs of my body. She finds my shoulders knotted and neck stiff, so gives these areas deeper scrutiny. The various strokes and muscle kneading are carried out with precise force, relaxing my frame as I nod in and out of a dreamy slumber.

Revivified, my hour ends and I’m left alone in the room to sip on herbal tea and nibble on fresh fruit salad. It has been a top-notch experience, and I would recommend Plateau Spa to anyone looking for a masterful urban escape.

Plateau Spa, Grand Hyatt Hong KongHerbal Tea and Fresh FruitThe Plateau Massage is priced at $HK980 for 60 minutes. It’s recommended that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time and, is politely requested that you leave your hand phone on silent mode during your visit.

Reason to visit:extensive spa menu, skilled therapists, luxurious treatment rooms with harbour views

Plateau Spa

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Level 11

1 Harbour Road

Hong Kong, China

Tel: +852 2584 7688

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