NARA Medi Spa, Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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NARA MediSpa, Bangsar

NARA MediSpa, Bangsar

Spas and traditional spa treatments are evolving ever so quickly. The introduction of the latest in technology and current scientific research are finding their way into spa menus that were once founded predominantly in nature and human touch. Likewise, high-end aesthetic medical clinics are no longer the sterile uninviting environments they used to be. Spa and doctor’s office, especially those concerned with beauty, have merged forming the latest trend, the MediSpa.

Waiting RoomWhile I’m motivated to try the recent developments (that have now become the standard in many spas), I’m still a little hesitant in trusting their application in the hands of a regular spa therapist – no offence intended to the many highly skilled spa practitioners I’ve encountered in my travels, but with potentially risky treatments I’d like to be well informed. When asked to choose between coconut, ginger and lavender massage oil, I’m perfectly comfortable in a traditional spa. When deciding however between Laser, RF and Photo Rejuvenation, I’d really like a doctor to explain it all to me in scientific detail.

NARA MediSpa in Bangsar is run by two internationally trained doctors. Dr. Nadzri Abdul Mokhtar earned his qualifications in Dublin, while Dr. Serina Abdul Latif was trained in London. Both are certified with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, and hold a list of other achievements too, which can be found on the front page of their website.

Both doctors are committed to the complete wellness of patients, encouraging not only medical treatment but also a holistic approach to self-improvement. Lifestyle, diet, exercise and psychological health are all held in just as high regard as is assistance through medical measures.

NARA MediSpa, bangsarModern InteriorWhile NARA MediSpa is registered with the Malaysian Medical Council, the ambience is far from that of a doctor’s office. Smiling staff greet my arrival. Comfortable couches upholstered and dotted with cheerful fabric form the waiting area. Bright paintings tastefully mark the coloured walls and faux wood flooring fabricates an overall pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

NARA MediSpa, bangsarNARA MediSpa Consultation RoomI’m here for a facial and to try out the latest developments in body contouring treatments. My appointment begins with a consultation with Dr. Serina and, body and facial analyses using the latest in technology.

Body Analysis

A staff member enters my basic details such as height, age and gender into the InBody machine before I step on it barefoot. Minutes later I have a detailed printout showing various components of my body composition such as muscle and fat percentages and where I fall within the normal range. The information is clear and very easy to understand with its visual presentation of coloured graphs and charts, but Dr. Serina returns to explain the readings and answer any questions.

NARA MediSpa, bangsarBody and Facial Analyses MachinesFacial Analysis

The same process follows in the study of my skin. A series of photos are taken by the Janus II Facial Analysis System which carries a high-resolution lens making it easy to observe the skin’s pores, colour, tone, wrinkles and sebum that is not obvious to the naked eye. Both of these tools assist in assigning the appropriate treatment to each patient based not only upon the client’s self-perceptions, but also the black and white statistics.

NARA MediSpa, bangsarHi Tech TreatmentsDiamabrasion and Facial

My facial begins with a diamabrasion. Basically this is a form of dermabrasion (a heavy exfoliation using a machine) but with the latest technology of a diamond tip. It’s used to improve the appearance of skin by removing the dead skin cells on the top layer. The tips are disposable so hygiene is ensured for each client. My therapist tells me there are two levels and says some patients experience a slight discomfort so starts with the lower setting. I don’t find any discomfort at all. It feels just like an exfoliating scrub but without the moisture. We move to the highest setting and my face is clean in minutes. A further cleansing and application of mask follows using the Korean Thermoceutical brand. The products are soothing for my sensitive skin and I finish the facial feelings cleansed, moisturized and fresh. Next it’s time to think about my waistline.

NARA Medi SpaAthena Dermabrasion MachineI’ve always led a reasonably healthy lifestyle. For years I’ve been interested in nutrition, studying for some small qualifications in the area and reading an incredible amount of literature on the subject. Exercise too has always been a daily part of my life. I’m even certified as a Fitness Leader in Australia and it’s through employment as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer that I financed my way through university. However…

You just can’t stop the aging process though, and well, I guess I haven’t been quite as strict with my diet as I was in my youth. No doubt food blogging has not helped! In recent years cellulite has been gradually overcoming my middle and, the newly arrived muffin top is a most unwelcomed site. I’ve partaken in a number of spa massages that promise to pound away the fat, knowing full well that such treatments are based more on wishful thinking than founded in clinical studies. So, when I heard about the Zerona body contouring procedure “designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery,” my interest was more than aroused.

Zerona Body Contouring

The Zerona is a rather futuristic looking machine with its shiny steel frame and arms holding each laser. Before the session, body measurements are taken and a consent form is signed, which states clearly the expectations, possible side effects and some things you should do throughout the treatment period to enhance its effects. These are sensible things such as exercise, a healthful diet, avoidance of alcohol and, a good intake of water. Protective glasses must be worn to shield eyes from the potentially harmful rays, but other than that all you have to do is lay down and let the lasers work their magic.
NARA MediSpa, BangsarZerona Machine and Liposonix Device for Body ContouringThe Zerona uses a low level laser that does not produce any heat or discomfort. It’s FDA approved and a minimum of six treatments are recommended, but it might take up to 12 to see maximum results. It’s a peaceful, pain-free experience and the soft music humming in the background makes the 40 minutes pass quickly. The Zerona is ideal for patients who have no threshold for pain and look for general weight loss.


NARA MediSpa also offers the Liposonix treatment. In direct contrast to the Zerona, it is painful, but is a one time only treatment. Basically you sacrifice comfort for speed. It targets specific troublesome areas such as the muffin top and promises “1 treatment, 1 hour, 1 size smaller,” (although optimal results are seen two to three months after the initial visit).

Again, measurements of the site are taken beforehand and a detailed consent form is signed. This round however, the bold print plainly states that the treatment can be painful. You must have at least a one-inch wide pinch of fat to be able to partake in the Liposonix. For each area to be targeted a square is marked and each of the four corners dotted on the skin.

The head of the Liposonix device is placed on one dot at a time. High-intensity ultrasound energy then pulsates through to the adipose tissue without affecting the skin’s surface. The intensity level can be adjusted and goes up to a maximum of 60, but few rarely tolerate anything above 50. I try a medium 35 and find the pain intensifies (a lot!) as the session progresses. My technician explains that this is because the fat tissue becomes more sensitive and is hot underneath.

I didn’t take any painkillers before the treatment, but this is a possibility that I would highly recommend you consider during consultation. Deep breathing, a little screaming, muscle tension, a bit of cursing and, hysterical laughter are what saw me through. Thank goodness my technician says I am not the worst she’s seen. Embarrassingly so, I’m not the toughest either – one legendary client saw the session through from start to finish on level 55 without a murmur!

Liposonix developers claim that fat tissue is destroyed and the body naturally removes it over a number of months leaving the patient with a thinner waistline. As soon as the treatment is over I’m pain free. I experience tenderness for a short period after but only upon pressure. It’s one of those treatments you leave feeling as if something has worked. Although I will have to wait two to three months to see the benefits, I certainly sense that something has been put into action making way for a better me!

My experience at NARA MediSpa has been both professional and pleasant (ie apart from my few minutes of torture under the Liposonix). I’ve felt well-informed and in expert hands throughout my time here and will definitely consider NARA MediSpa for further return visits.

Reasons to visit: take the spa experience to a whole new level with doctors performing medical treatments scientifically proven to make a new and better you; body contouring treatments; clinical facials.

NARA MediSpa

Lot 2.01A, Second Floor Menara BRDB

No. 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya,

59000 Kuala Lumpur


+ 603 2282 9299

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