Mikey’s Original New York Pizza, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

Mikey’s Original New York Style Pizza

Words by Sarah and Ross JonesPhotos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
Mikey’s brings a brand new style of pizza to KL: the New York slice. No doubt, many Malaysians have seen it on TV or movies, but we bet that few have ever experienced it first hand. Mikey’s has made this experience possible and authentic. The brains and brawn behind this Bangsar establishment are Mike and Andrew, respectively. Both from the New York area with accents to match; Mike is the idea behind Mikey’s and Andrew is creator of the New York slice in KL.

The Yum List was kind enough to bring Sarah J and I along on this pizza adventure. We both agreed that Mikey’s met the calling for pizza by- the-slice in KL. The predominant style in KL is a thin crust Italian style or your international mega-chains like Domino’s or Pizza Hut. These are all well and good, but only present one side of the pizza universe. The New York style pizza parlor is a staple of New York and the surrounding metro area- this is something that Mikey understandably missed after living in Malaysia for five years.

Custom Made Uber Large Boxes for Your Pizza To-GoStepping in the doors, you are surrounded by New York paraphernalia. Pictures of NYC landmarks: Yankee stadium, Broadway, taxi cabs, Central Park, and more. All these adorn the walls, and street signs of famed New York streets mark the tables.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarSeatingThe pizza chef at Mikey’s, Andrew Bellucci, is truly one-of-a-kind in Malaysia. He has a passion for pizza-big pizzas- and understands that ingredients truly make a quality product. He spoke intensely about the process of bringing NY style pizza to KL and the need to make it the right way. He cares about his ingredients: homemade sauce, the best beef peperoni, handmade meatballs, and quality cheese. These combined make a product for which he is proud.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarAndrew Bellucci – Head Pizza ManOne of the goals of Mikey’s was to present food, not just pizza, that is eaten only with your hands – no fork and knife necessary. The menu reflects this goal well: various waffle fries, boneless buffalo wings, sandwiches, and of course, New York Pies. Pizzas here are large—18” but all are available by the slice. We sampled a large portion of their menu:

For starters, Andrew recommends waffle fries and we sampled the Brooklyn variety. These were covered in cheese and served with a brown gravy for dipping. These are appropriate for an appetizer or to soak up the remainders of a late night.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarBrooklyn Waffle Fries with cheddar cheese and beef gravy (RM12.88)We also tried the boneless Buffalo wings. Sarah J and I are very familiar with these, but they are quite new in Malaysia. They take the best of Buffalo wings: the meat and sauce, and subtract the messiness of the bone. Andrew coats his in panko breadcrumbs, sided with your choice of sauce and pairs them with house made blue cheese dressing for dipping. We loved that they were not sitting in a pool of sauce and each piece was tender and juicy.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarBoneless Buffalo Chicken Wings with traditional spicy Buffalo sauce (RM12.88)Not in the mood for pizza? Try one of Mikey’s Hot Heroes. We sampled the Philly Cheesesteak and the Chicken Parmigiana. The Philly Cheese steak is thinly sliced beef with marinated mushrooms, caramelized onions and roasted peppers (all prepared in house) on a hero roll that is also baked in house out of the same ingredients used for their pizza crust. The Chicken Parmigiana is a thin breaded chicken cutlet with house made marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. Both were excellent and had a perfect balance of bread and fillings.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarChicken Parmigiana Hot Hero (RM16.88)Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarPhilly Cheese Steak Hot Hero (RM17.88)For Mikey’s pies, Andrew reinforced his demand for freshness and quality ingredients. Each pizza is available by the slice for prices ranging from RM8.88 to RM15.88 or the entire 18” pie (RM59.88- RM88.88). We sampled several of his favorites and most popular pies.

The Bianco pie is a white pizza that makes use of olive oil instead of tomato sauce. The four-cheese pizza melts in your mouth, is topped with fresh ricotta cheese, and has a tinge of garlic in the finish.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarPizza Bianco Head Pizza Man Andrew’s Favourite (RM10.88 per slice)The new Wild Mushroom pie should keep vegetarians happy with its variety of mushrooms and tangy tomato sauce. This is a newer pizza, not on the original menu, and combines oyster, portobello, shitake, and cremini mushrooms.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarWild Mushroom PieThe Classic is the most basic and traditional recipe, featuring a rich chunky tomato sauce and finely grated cheese as the topping. Andrew let us in on his secret for the sauce, which is quality tomatoes mixed with butter and olive oil. Simplicity rules.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarClassic New York Pizza (RM8.88 per slice)For a heartier pie, we recommend the Tony Soprano. This is the Classic (chunky sauce, mozzarella, and olive oil) topped with meatballs, steak, pepperoni and roasted peppers. This is an absolute hoss of a pizza and definitely requires a strong New York style pizza fold to eat it properly.

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarThe Tony Soprano (RM15.88 per slice)Mikey’s offers a variety of beverages. Homemade lemonades, sodas, iced tea, and Budweiser (for the American style drinker) are all on the menu. We challenge you to try the New York egg cream without asking what it is (it does not involve eggs).

Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarBudweiser (RM15)Mikey's Original New York Pizza, BangsarHouse Made Drinks – New York Egg Cream (RM9), Strawberry Soda (RM8), Lemonade (RM8)One of the aspects of Mikey’s that we found very refreshing is Mikey’s commitment to service. Andrew quickly pointed out their mantra- “Mikey’s Can,” and the satisfaction of the customer is at the heart of their business. Andrew has been working closely with local staff to teach them what service means in a New York Pizza parlor. We are very excited about the new style of pizza that Mikey’s brings to Malaysia and also look forward to celebrating their continued success in Bangsar.

Mikey’s Original New York Style Pizza
17 Jalan Telawi 2
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2202 0880

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