Interview with Dexter Song, Owner of Burps and Giggles, Ipoh, Malaysia

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Dexter Song

Dexter Song talks with The Yum List about his recent move into the Food and Beverage industry and the latest happenings in Ipoh…

What do you do and how did you got into the industry? Having worked within the financial and logistic industry in Australia, I decided to head back to Ipoh (Malaysia) to seek new business opportunities. A year has passed since and I am now co-owner of burps and giggles cafe in Ipoh old town.
Ipoh was always known as a sleepy or transit town for most travelers. Most travelers would visit Ipoh for a quick meal or conduct short visits to relatives before heading off to their next destination whether south or north of Malaysia. However, this has changed. Currently, investments within the Perak tourism industry has increased greatly and in line with this shopping malls, budget and luxury hotels have been built to service the growing number of visitors into our once sleepy hollow town.
And what better place for us to build our new venture then in the heart of Ipoh old town. Every state has its very own historical story to tell, I truly believe for Ipoh, the adventure begins in old town where little India, Ipoh’s railway station, rows of old colonial buildings and old school family owned businesses that still operate to this day.
Share with us an interesting story from behind the scenes. The whimsical interior designs for burps and giggles was in all honesty constructed on a random basis whereby Julie (co-owner) and Rachel (cafe manager) would conjure up crazy designs for drawings, DIY lampshades, recycling old materials as furnitures and other whacky ideas to create a rustic and yet catchy cafe. Jessie, our do it all manager, would occasionally be livid when it came to wiring and piping adjustments due to their ever changing designs…
What’s the best/ worst part of your job? Best part – Promoting Ipoh’s revival and having my strong cafe latte twice a day!Worst part – Ridiculously long hours and when caffeine is of no use anymore!
What’s the best thing about working at Burps and Giggles? I have been fortunate enough to recruit a young talented team to grow the business together and I can sense an eagerness to learn within each individual. In fact, most of them do return during festive seasons from their studies for part time work! I guess they enjoy the fast paced environment…
What’s your personal favourite meal/ drink at Burps and Giggles? At my cafe, I would have a Pope (smoked duck bagel) and pineapple mint juice. Also, the cafe is surrounded by a variety of awesome local food that I would frequently visit and overindulge…
The perfect day off would be…… 36 holes of golf and curry fish head for dinner. Perfect day also includes winning the wagers and smacktalk during and after the golf battles!
A life in the day of a restaurateur is… … a constant wedding ceremony with each customer with the hope of a happy divorce after each dining experience.
What do you do for fun?Golfing, watching videos of my niece Allegra (3+ years) terrorising bigger kids in Brisbane and day trips to other local states with Rachel.
What’s something you’d like guests to know about the cuisine/ drinks prepared at Burps and Giggles? At Burps and Giggles, all burger patties are made from scratch using high quality meats, fresh herbs and unique sauces to create our burgers.
What’s your view on the Ipoh food scene?It has definitely picked up a few notches! I’ve noticed new cafes opening every other month within our area which is fantastic as it creates a food hub which can only attract more visitors to Ipoh old town.
What can guests look forward to in the upcoming months?
Rachel has organized two flea market days and a Daybreak charity event for disabled people during the month of December and we are expecting the opening of our new cafe ‘Missing Marbles’. I shall not reveal too much but please check our facebook fan page for updates on our new adventure!
Check out Burps and Giggles here!

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