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By (Lisa Mangelsdorf)


By Lisa Mangelsdorf
On a hot, humid Saturday afternoon in Malaysia, nothing goes down nicer than a chilled glass of wine or an ice-cold beer! But keeping those refreshments at the right temperature as you lounge by the pool or in relax in your garden can be a challenge!

Before you plan your next picnic or pool day, consider picking up a few of these stylish and efficient Huggaz koozies! As they are made of neoprene so they keep your drinks really cool, and your hands dry! My kids love to use them to keep their 100 Plus cool as they jump in and out of pool!
Peace Out!They come in many fun designs! I personally love the Towa for wine and Peace Out for beers. My kids like that they can each have their own unique koozie and not fight over whose is whose!
Smiley! My teenager loves this one!
In my family, it seems we are always packing up drinks to go to friends BBQ, to a pool party or on a road trip. We love how lightweight and foldable they are to fit in the pack back or bag. Most importantly though, they really keep your cold drinks the temperature they were meant to be!

If you want to really drink in style, consider having your own design or label made. Maybe you are commemorating a special occasion, or just want them with your name so they always come back to you!
A “Towa” of wine!
And let’s not forget the environment! Use a Huggaz wine holder the next time you are gifting someone a nice bottle of wine. Not only do you not waste a paper bag, but you are giving a reusable gift!

For more details on designs and special orders you can visit Shipping is free if you order more than 50 RM. Prices range from 10RM – 35RM.

Huggaz are available in KL at:

Village Grocer – Bangsar Village

Ales& Lagers – Solaris Dutamas

B.I.G. – Publika

TheFood Company – TTDI

Shiraz – Petaling Jaya

Huggaz is reachable via:
email – info@huggaz.comfacebook – – @coolhuggaz

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