Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

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Grand Cafe

Grand Café, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Breakfast Buffet

Nestled in a bright, naturally lit corner of the hotel, Grand Café boasts towering windows and a high quality breakfast buffet.

Spread between two dining areas adjoined by the smorgasbord, the space is well laid out with split level flooring, plants and columns acting as dividers to create intimate spaces within one large room. It’s welcoming and not the usual chaos, typical of big hotels in Asia. Soft music strums the air and the mood is casual.

Berries and Greek YoghurtThe selection is not extravagant, but what is offered is more than sufficient and of very high quality. There are no mediocre ‘fillers’ here. Everything is excellent.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongContinental BreakfastBeing the health nut that I am, my eyes were drawn to the colourful array of fresh, poached and dried fruits. Not just your usual cheap melons that seem to dominate buffets in this region, but big bowls of berries and stone fruits too! Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries flush the buffet, giving the impression of abundance and luxury. A big blob of wonderfully decadent Greek yoghurt is the perfect topping for the berries. It’s rich and thick with no additions needed.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongFruitGrand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongHouse Made Bakery ItemsEverything is made in house. A fantastic bakery section sports European style breads with grains, seeds, nuts and fruit that you can really sink your teeth into. House smoked and cured salmon makes a delicious topping for handmade bagels, with a smudge of cream cheese and sprinkling of capers. Pastries line the wall and the options make your hips grow just looking at them.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongHouse Made Bagels and BreadContinuing on the healthy streak, I was impressed to see sugar free soya milk and variety of fat percentages of regular milk, with more yoghurt choices and a line-up of cereals and Bircher mueslis also making me happy.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongLots of Healthy OptionsHubby, of course, headed straight for the cooked breakfast section. Drool, induced by the smell of fried bacon, had to be wiped from his mouth numerous times the morning we visited. Sausages are made in house and so too is the salmon. Both of these found their way to hubby’s plate alongside eggs made to order, baked tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongChinese ItemsThe dim sum selection is small, but of superb quality. Don’t leave without trying it – you’re in Hong Kong after all. Specialties rotate daily, but on the Saturday morning we had a sample, the traditional siu mai (pork and prawn dumplings) and steamed vegetable dumplings were delicious. We hear the har gow (prawn dumplings) too are a treat.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongDim SumA large variety of freshly squeezed juices can be found on the buffet. Tea and coffee are free flow and served to your table.

Grand Cafe, Buffet Breakfast, Grand Hyatt Hong KongFresh JuicesGrand Café serves the buffet breakfast daily from 6:30am to 10:30am. The spread is included in some room packages, however outside guests may too purchase the smorgasbord for

HK$298+10% per adult and HK$149+10% per child.
Reason to visit:high quality buffet spread, light bright ambience

Grand Café

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

Ground Floor

1 Harbour Road

Hong Kong, China

+852 2588 7722

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