Genting’s Mixologist Charles Muaya’s Recipe for Eastern Wassail Punch

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Eastern Wassail Punch

Recipe for Eastern Wassail Punch

A refreshing punch is a good way to start a party. Wassail is a deeply rooted tradition in the Midwest and a popular regional staple throughout the cold-weather season. Wassailing apple trees is a tradition in England involving chanting to the trees to encourage a bountiful harvest. The mixologist’s recipe is an Asian variation on this traditional theme.
EquipmentPunch bowl (for eight cups)LadleCups or GobletsKnifeCutting BoardLong Bar SpoonA couple of saucer
IngredientsCranberry Juice 1 litreHomemade Spice Syrup 150 mlLychees in Syrup 350 mlFresh Lime Juice 100 mlHazelnut Syrup 100 mlOrange 1Lemon 1Cinnamon Sticks 6 to 8Star Anise 6 to 8Cloves 18 to 20Mint Sprigs 8 to 10Ice Block Large
Method1. Combine all ingredients into large bowl and stir well2. Add large ice block3. When cold, serve in a cups garnished with mint sprig

Mixologist Charles Muaya

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