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Delicious Detox Delivery

Being healthy has never been easier. Delicious Detox Delivery brings nutritious meals and smoothies directly to your doorstep. Using only organic nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies, dishes are raw, vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free. Every bite is a mouthful of life.

Choose to have lunch delivered daily, embark on a detox program, pick up a few items to keep at home, arrange some wholesome treats for a party or business meeting or, present your colleagues with a salubrious Monday morning welcome. Delicious Detox Delivery offers complete health packages. You can sign up for a pre-planned menu or design your own.

We’ve tried a number of meals, desserts and smoothies from Delicious Detox Delivery and what surprised me the most was that meat and dairy loving hubby enjoyed the meals too. I was expecting him to either turn up his nose and not try them at all or zap some of the dishes in the microwave. I’ve been paying close attention for years of the quality of food that goes into my body so I’m easily convinced of the benefits of raw, vegan and organic. Hubby on the other hand… So, if we both like it, it must be sign of greatness.

Mixed Assortment Here’s what we’ve tried.


Different varieties of smoothies are made everyday depending on what organic produce is available and fresh. All have organic greens as the base and are mixed with fruits to give variety. Smoothies are a complete meal on their own. Actually I don’t know how people manage to drink the entire bottle in one sitting. Unlike juice, smoothies are blended using the whole fruit and vegetable so the fibre and nutrients remain, making them satisfying and filling. It’s a powerful way to start the day, or maintain energy throughout. They’re best chilled and taken fresh but will last up to two days. We’ve tried the Dragon Fruit (red dragon fruit, spinach, mango, papaya) and the Bayam (banana, mango, ginger). The latter is a little sweeter so was hubby’s preferred choice. I enjoyed both.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurSmoothiesLunch Items

Pizzas bases are not your usual tasteless variety that require sinful amounts of intense toppings to flavour them. The bases at Delicious Detox Delivery have a savour all of their own. Made from dehydrated zucchini, flaxseeds, fresh herbs and chilli, the base is a valuable part of the flavour profile. Raw cheese (cashew nuts, lemon, nutritional yeast and garlic), raw tomato sauce (cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and basil) and marinated olives, button mushrooms, spinach and cherry tomatoes top the pizza. It’s delicious and I don’t feel guilty eating it! A Mediterranean Salad accompanies this dish. With tomato and cucumber covered in a light dressing it’s a fresh side to the denser pizza.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw PizzaDelicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurMediterranean SaladSandwiches with Parsley Spread are another dish that I can’t believe has no dairy or wheat. As did the pizza, the raw buckwheat bread has a flavour of its own that brings character to the sandwich. Made of dehydrated sweet potato, buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and condiments, the bread is great on it’s own or with fresh slices of tomato and avocado. Raw Buckwheat Bread can be brought separately and lasts quite some time in the refrigerator so you can add your own toppings or use some of the suggested recipes from the Delicious Detox Delivery website. This pre-prepared meal however is spread with a creamy paste of sunflower and pumpkin seeds, parsley and garlic. Fresh cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices add a fresh crunch to the sandwich. I’d definitely order this one again.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw Buckwheat Bread with Parsley SpreadCrudities with Hummus are one of the most popular orders. A mix of fresh organic vegetables are dunked in a zucchini and tahini hummus. The zucchini makes for a whipped lighter style dip. I’m fond of the feathery texture produced by the vegetable base, and find the tahini provides the dominating flavour leaving a slightly bitter ending.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurZucchini Hommus and Fresh VeggiesThe Stuffed Portobello Mushroom is a fine fungal specimen. Served upside down and filled with a rich blend of black olives, capers, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts and herbs, it has a hearty texture and almost feels as though I’m slicing a piece of meat.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurStuffed Portobello MushroomNot to be missed is the Zucchini Pasta with Hemp Seed Pesto. Actually the hemp seed pesto can be bought separately and this is something I’ve relished on the raw pizza base, raw buckwheat bread and conventional pasta. It also makes a pleasant addition to a regular sandwich. Here however it is served on spaghetti thin strips of raw vegetable. I was truly expecting hubby to nuke this dish before eating, but he admits to liking it raw! (There is hope… 😉

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurZucchini Spaghetti with Hemp Seed PestoSnacks

Seaweed Snacks are made from seaweed sheets and sunflower seeds. I can’t quite detect the condiments used for seasoning but they’re savoury, a little chewy and have a distinct taste of the ocean. It might be sinful to say this here in a health conscious article, but I bet they are great with an ice-cold beer.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurSeaweed SnacksDesserts

What a delight to have remorse free sweets!

Bliss Balls are dense globes of goodness pressed with raisins, coconut oil and sesame seeds. Ginger leaves a gentle tickle on the tongue and are so rich that one really satisfies.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurBliss BallsChocolate Truffles are just as gratifying as the best Belgium artisanal pieces you can imagine. Dates, raisins, cacao and coconut oil produce a rich and intensely dark chocolate – one is enough.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw Chocolate TrufflesCoconut, cashew nuts and agave form the base of the Raw Macarons, which come in flavours of vanilla and chocolate. A creamy filling bulges out the sides making it hard to believe these babies are actually nutritious.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw Macarons – Vanilla and ChocolateSmall cakes of Raspberry and Apple make excellent desserts. The Apple Cake is composed of a crushed walnut and almond base sweetened with dates, moistened with coconut oil and filled with fine apple slices.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw Apple CakeCashews and pecans form the base of the Raspberry Cake. Agave, coconut oil, Irish moss, lemon and fresh berries provide a delicious filling.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw Raspberry CakeCinnamon Rolls and healthy in the same sentence? At Delicious Detox Delivery – always! Dense layers of dough encase shredded coconut and dried fruit. A nut cream crowns the glory adding extra decadence to the treat.

Delicious Detox Delivery, Kuala LumpurRaw Cinnamon RollsI’m over the moon that Delicious Detox Delivery makes it so easy to be healthy. They will be seeing a lot more of me and hubby too!

Reasons to visit: all of the desserts, but especially the small cakes and bliss balls; seaweed snacks; hemp pesto; raw buckwheat bread and pizza; zucchini spaghetti; delivery to your doorstep.

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