Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang Point, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Freshly Cut Pistachio Rolls

Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang Point

I’m only recently learning to distinguish between various cuisines from the Middle East and Mediterranean. Previously I knew so little that I tended to chunk most dishes together into the broad categories of mezze (defined by items such as hommus), kebabs and, dessert (where my knowledge was pretty much limited to baklava). With a growing population of migrants to Malaysia, who are proudly bringing with them their most loved dishes from home, I’m delighted to find my taste buds expanded and excited by the abundance of different foods available from the region.

Mountains of Syrian SweetsDamas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointTamriehDamas Sweets at Ampang Point has been one such revelation for me. Little did I know, there is actually more than one type of baklava. Each country uses its own particular balance of ingredients depending on what is grown locally, but even within cultures there are numerous recipes. Damas Sweets specializes in Syrian Desserts and, I counted no less than five different versions on display on my last visit!

damas sweets, ampang point, syrian dessertsCashew BaklavaDamas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointPistachio Sparrow’s NestsThe team at Damas Sweets bake everything on site. They are insistent that no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are used and make their treats fresh daily. Adjusting for local appeal, they’ve reduced the sugar content of most desserts, so on top of being delicious and naturally flavoured, they’re quite healthy for you too.

Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointBaklavaDamas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointPistachio BaklavaDamas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointCashew Sparrow’s NestsExpect to see lots of pistachios, cashews, dates and honey filling thin flaky layers of sticky pastry. I adore all of the baklava versions – pistachio, cashew, rose – they’re all good. Their Sparrow’s Nests however, which are strings of hair like pastry wound into petite balls resembling bird’s nests holding a variety of nutty fillings, come a close second. Hubby loves everything creamy so, without fail, woofs down a Syrian milky dessert that resembles a velvety rice pudding (without the grains) and, can’t resist purchasing another two to take home.

Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointDate Balls Rolled in Coconut and NutsDamas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointMilky Syrian DessertThere’s a newly opened ice cream counter since my last visit. A kaleidoscope of colours present themselves, making it hard to choose just one. The texture of Syrian ice cream is almost elastic and, for some reason, it seems to hold its cool temperature much longer than regular ice cream. Claiming to use only milk and fruit, the ice cream tastes pure and simple. We tried a number of flavours but found the Rose to be extra special and the Lemon to supply a deliciously tangy kick. These regular varieties are priced at a bargain RM1 per scoop!!! Don’t miss the luxury version though, which needs to be taken from out the back. Made from milk and pistachio, the traditional type boasts up to 50% of nuts!

Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointSyrian Ice Cream – Mango, Rose, Lemon
Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointSyrian Ice CreamNot only is Damas Sweets a delicious stop at any time of day, it’s also a perfect gift store. Any size and number of Syrian sweets can be boxed to suit your budget. From single boxes to large ornate displays ideal for parties, the team in the shop will do just about anything for you.

Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointPretty PackagingWe love Damas Sweets!

Damas Sweets, Syrian Desserts, Ampang PointRose Pistachio BaklavaReason to visit: incredibly delicious Syrian sweets, a fantastic place to pick up gift boxes, great for parties!

Damas Sweets

11 Jalan Mamanda 5

Ampang Point

Ampang 68000

Selangor, Malaysia

1 800 Baklawa (22 55 292)

012 207 0610




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