A week of smoke and fire and a few cakes!

By noreply@blogger.com (Peter James Webber)

Sundays with Chef Peter

Do hope you are all fabulous this Sunday. What a week sweeties!
It has been a tense week with many things, America doing their usual drama queen move and leaving very important decisions to the very last minute and here in Phuket, my favourite, the electricity supply. Sweeties, if I ever die of an electric shock it would be ironic as I nearly have a heart attack every time the shop plunges into darkness as I am doing the finishing touches to one of my cakes! And of course Phuket has lost “SuperCheap” in a very terrible fire! How a fire like this happens in 2013, I do not know but seems as though Australia is having similar problems sweeties, my heart goes out to all as fires, flooding and earthquakes are simply the most horrible! Now for all of you who know SuperCheap, whether you loved or hated it, for sure there will have been one time that you needed something bizarre and you just didn’t know where to get it. You went to “SuperCheap” as it had simply everything if you were prepared to go and hunt for it as which could be compared to a trek through the Amazon!It is a sad sight and I do hope that the owners will rebuild very soon, maybe with some sprinklers and air conditioning!
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We have been busy here at Les Diables with all sorts of cakes these past weeks, I wish I could show them all for you daahlings but alas this is a family page so here are the nice ones:

For information or ordering, look at our facebook page “Les Diables” or give me a call +66819350454
See you next week and have a Grand Sunday
Chef Peter

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