Spicy-Scoops#4 & Urban Retreat Spa, The Curve

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TGIF! It has been an unquestionably hectic few weeks for me. Tangled-and-strangled mostly because of my day job, especially the travelling stint and the part where I’m obliged to play therapist among people, and at the same time, twirled between schedules for reviews and such for this blog. I’m glad that sanity pushed me through the last stretch and I’m without a doubt looking forward to the weekend ahead.

Oh! I just got back from my first trip ever to Borneo! Talk about being Malaysian. My business trip brought me to Labuan this time round. Just Fyi, Labuan is a tiny town located along the coastal line, 30 minutes by air, or 3 hours by ferry, from Kota Kinabalu. My first breath of fresh air upon arrival – felt wonderful. Though travelling for work could be daunting at most instances, the thought of heading back again next week – definitely excites me. Exploring the place a little bit more every time and I shall promise to take more pictures in my next visit.

Back to the City.

in The Curve has been long raved upon by many of my friends. With the multitude of accolades and beauty awards tucked under its belt, I was clearly looking forward to my massage session there that arvo.

Plush sofa seats, dimly lit and warm-hued lights, carpeted walkways, and the light scent of aromatherapy fragrance ensued once I stepped into Urban Retreat Spa. Everything about it felt incredibly calming and inviting.

I was then brought a pair of rattan slippers to change into by my masseuse of the day, Thng – she’s Thai, fluent in English and highly experienced. This was followed by a foot bath and then the massage.

Being a avid spa goer, I have tried them all – Thai to Swedish, aromatherapy to meridian, traditional Malay to cupping and guasa, that’s – to just name a handful. But of course, I have my personal favorites. Today, I will be attempting the lymphatic detox massage.

My precious 90 minutes spend at Urban Retreat Spa flew past in just the blink of an eye. I had a rewarding and satisfying time from a much needed TLC. The lymphatic detox massage was not at all painful and was extremely relaxing that I fell asleep midway!

You can’t deny that a good spa and massage place are hard to come by nowadays, and Urban Retreat Spa is definitely one of them. While I have been flaunting on the calm and serene environment, the ultimate verdict would somehow, almost always, depend on the skill of the masseuse herself. And I genuinely enjoyed my entire experience here. Thank you Urban Retreat Spa for the perfect timing.

The Curve BranchAddress: Lot 157, 1st floor, The Curve Shopping Mall, 6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.Phone: +603.7710-3239Email: curve@urbanretreat-spa.comOpening Hours: 11AM-10PM
1 Mont Kiara BranchAddress: Lot 15, Second Floor, 1 Jalan Mont Kiara, Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala LumpurPhone: +603.6211.3116,+60178813299Email: 1mk@urbanretreat-spa.comOpening Hours: Monday – Friday : 11AM-9PM Weekends & Public Holidays : 10AM-10PM
I have been doing quite a fair bit of online and offline shopping lately. Now that I’m on a fashion spree, I’m still on the lookout for fitted jumpsuits. Cray love but not exactly the trendiest and easiest fashion statement to pull off. Geddit? Geddit?

Two weeks back, I attended a product soft launch with the MHB girls. More on that soon.

I still havn’t got my hands on the official photographs of the runway stint that I did about a fortnight back. Will post something up hopefully by next week. In the meantime, I am going to lie down – and sleep the rest of my Friday night away. And also to gear up for the jolly weekend ahead!

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