Spicy-Scoops#3 & Shopping with MrLens

By noreply@blogger.com (Spicy Sharon)

It’s like a wake up call where everyone was dying to say, “Good morning. Just checking in.”

Sometime back, I started posting collated selfies of my peeps on social media. A breakfast compilation of self portraits taken in the morning, with clamorous attempt to reconnect to some sense of normality – at work that is.

The beauty and fun part of that, amidst the morning boredom of an empty office, I started receiving snapshots of sleepy faces in bed; annoyed faces in cramped public trains; distressed faces stuck in morning traffic; distraught faces at work; famished faces of breakfast eaters, and somewhere along those lines if you get what I mean.

It may have sounded a little vain at first, when I thought I could go on a photo hiatus and find some new kicks in curing my morning boredom, but between my morning coffee ritual and a boring excel spreadsheet, I realized it does makes me feel more connected – somewhat.


Taken right after a fashion show, my unsettling attempt of an unlikely vogue inspired pose.

Can you believe that I was part of a fashion show? As an amateur runway model? And now I’m writing about it in a food-centric blog? As my life gets a hint spicier, my appetite to write grows – and also to eat of course. A little more on the runway rundown some time next week when I grab hold of the official photographs. Have a great weekend ahead!

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