Spicy-Scoops#2 & Maraca New Zealand Bodycare Selection

By noreply@blogger.com (Spicy Sharon)

I’ve decided to make Spicy-Scoops a permanent feature in this blog. Story-telling of my week long antiques as well as short write-ups of events and happenings, reviews and thingamajig that needs no long and windy elaborations. Hence the name – Spicy-Scoops. Publishing will be done on a Friday. I’m excited to write. Are you eager to read?

F21 necklace | H&M Black top | H&M Tribal skirt
There’s a party which I’m obliged to attend next week. Which also meant that I have an awesome excuse to go shopping. I wanted to whirl something out of the norm; out of my quintessential wardrobe basics, though subconsciously, I would probably retraced to what I liked best in the end. You know you’re fashionably attached to certain styles if most of your outfits are either in xerox hues or carbon-copied cuttings. My wardrobe’s pastel selection, black and whites, dominates my everyday-wear and is fast approaching the boring status. I’m sure I can be much trendier than that….. right?

Jumping on to another topic, I have been using Maraca’s luxurious body care collection – Maraca Bloom Body Wash and Maraca Bloom Body Lotion, for the past few days. Love the long lasting powdery fragrance and velvety texture. Made out of plant extracts, fruits and herbs. It’s au-naturale, free from paraben and artificial coloring. Perfect for my sensitive skin! Maraca originates from New Zealand. The 250ml bottles retails for Rm90 each. Available online only in Malaysia and can be purchase through Maraca’s Website, Facebook Page or via instagram @maraca_nz. Thank you!

Every morning – the face of apathy before my daily dose of caffeine.

Talking about caffeine, I attended a Coffee Appreciation Class last weekend. Though no where near an expert, I can finally appreciate the bright facets of coffee-drinking. Special thanks to Mokky who invited me and Dr.Alice for being such a great sport and teacher on that day. So – Arabica or Robusta?

Now that I’m on a coffee streak – I visited Urbean Cafe in Avenue K not long back. From what iliketoeatlah was telling me, the coffee here has vastly improved since inception. I enjoyed a nicely brewed cuppa – made fantastic by the awesome company with me that evening. Also serves better coffee than The Library Coffee Bar I figured.

That pretty much sums up my week. Can’t wait for the food and shopping escapades lined up for this weekend!

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