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By noreply@blogger.com (Spicy Sharon)

Thank God It’s Friday. A phrase that I look forward to saying and words that I’ve been dying to spill since the beginning of the week. This is the day where blue miraculously fades into a flair of baby blue.

Now, before I run around trying to catch myself in the next few days – and to catch other’s time too for that matter, I decided to take an hour off my lunch time just to catch up with some writing. It’s calming to my senses really. And of course, not letting the sluggish lunch aftermath seep in just yet.

Well, today I’ve been forcing myself to think about the weekend and not so much about work. Slacking a little perhaps – preemptively, but like everyone else too I guess. Nevertheless, it has been a rather mundane week for me. I havn’t exactly been on my cheeriest mood but I’m sure things will make a good twist once the weekend anchors in.

Yesterday I attended the launch of Techni.ART in KLCC. Unveiling a new range of exclusive L’oreal Professional hair styling products, followed by a 30 minute hair show by L’oreal’s Professional Artistic Ambassadors.

We were inundated with an influx of hair sprays coming from all directions. The showcased hairstyles exudes wildness, edginess, with a hint of rocker chic and glam. Most models were donned in classic black and whites; sequins and chains; leather and blings.

My first hair event as a blogger. It was certainly captivating and I absolutely enjoyed it. I vaguely remembered a few stints as a hair model when I was younger. Obviously not as conspicuous nonetheless.
Unrelated – lesson learnt – you’d never know an actual lipstick shade until you swipe it over your lips.

It will most likely never look the same on the back of the hand – literally never ever. So, I marched towards the makeup counter wanting to try something new that day. Hence, I picked out a few awesome shades of lipsticks to try. Like most females (I think), I swatched it on the back of my hand. When I got home, pried open the seal, brush it over my lips and thought – Gosh, this is way too bright for me – didn’t looked likewise on my hand though. In Maybelline MAT4 Vivid Coral. Is there a better way to test lipsticks?

Have been on an ice cream spree this week. Magnum Gold – Ice cream that I tried, didn’t fancy, and would probably never have again. Paddlepop and Solero – Ice cream that I have unrequited love for, and made me reminisce of my childhood favorites.

Alright, back to work now. Am in desperate need of a hair trim too. On a side note, would you like to read more lifestyle-centric Spicy-Scoops posts? Let me know.

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