Penang: Our Short Stopover

By (Spicy Sharon)

I like to write at ease and with peace; I like to blog when I feel like it, with no obligations and personal datelines. Though at times, I understand that, in view of commercial datelines, I would need to push myself to go a little farther and complete it within a compressed timeline.
So, when I realized that I was scurrying to finish up this part of my expired-travel post, I decided to stop and take a breather. Only resuming when I felt inspired to write again. By doing that, it would normally calm my flow of thoughts, as well as the words that comes through as well.
Hence, from a short crusade in Hat Yai, Thailand, where you can read about

5. Mural hunting at Armenian Street

5. Early dinner at Gurney Drive

That pretty much sums up my one day trip in Penang. Despite the lack of time, I also sampled a couple of other popular local delights, like the infamous Ice Kacang, which didn’t turn out as good as the hearsay. Will blog more about this tiny but amazing island in my next visit.

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