[Part 2: 1 Utama Wonder Food Adventure] BBQ Chicken, Food Box, Ko Hyang, Molten Lava, Ninja Joe, Vivo, Lammeeya

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This is Part 2 of my Food Adventure. Click
9. Vivo American Pizza and Panini

With everything to choose in front of me, I aimed my fork at maximum comfort. Desserts first! Volcanic chocolate with vanilla ice cream (Rm15.90). One poke at its fragile centre and warm chocolate lava oozed out almost immediate. Eat this together with ice cream and chocolate cake and I’m sure it’ll make you go ooh-and-ahh.
Vivo is also popular for its American style pizza. I sampled the Smoked chicken 8″ BBQ pizza (Rm12.90) as well as the baked chicken chop (Rm16.90). All are part of Vivo’s, 10 handpicked signature dishes.
Location: LG311B / Lower Ground Floor (New Wing – LG Highstreet)Contact: 03-7732 9799Website: Click Here
10. Ninja Joe

By now, you’d probably know that I love my burgers. So, when I saw that Ninja Joe was part of the to-eat list, that – got me psyched up.

I had the Hikkori burger (Rm12.90 a la carte) and it was one-sloppy-BBQ-sauce-laden-pork-burger. The grilled pork patty was juicy, lashings of bacon nicely done and the burger bun fluffy. It exude sweet and salty flavours on every bite.

My only question is, can the burger get any bigger?

Location: LG113 / Lower Ground Floor (Old Wing – LG Promenade)Website: Click Here
11. BBQ Chicken
Contrary to its namesake, BBQ does not stand for Barbeque. Rather, Best of the Best Quality. Are you confused yet surprised?

This Korean eatery uses olive oil in all of its dishes and all BBQ chickens are marinated in 30 different types of natural spices. The BBQ chicken that I sampled was scrumptious – the meats were juicy and flavoursome.

Prices starts from Rm15.90 for 1 piece chicken + fried rice/fries/mashed potato and coleslaw.

Location: LG323-LG323A / Lower Ground Floor (New Wing – LG Highstreet)Contact: 03- 77270619Website: Click Here
12. Food Box
Tucked right in front of Cold Storage, New Wing, Food Box serves a variety of affordable traditional Chinese delights.

The Hakka braised pork (Rm9.90) came with lean pork belly cut into chunks, black fungus and soaked in a savoury broth.

Also looking utterly tempting on the display shelf – rice bowl cake (wun zhai gou) (Rm3.80/2 pieces) and Kuih ko se (Rm2.80/2 pieces), a sweet dessert that is often paired with kaya – will come back for that next time.

Dishes are priced between Rm8.90-Rm9.90.

Location: LG312C / Lower Ground Floor (New Wing – LG Highstreet)Contact: 03-7726 8010 / 012-771 2770
Website: Click Here
13. Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights
For those who follow my blog feed, would probably know that I’m currently on a Korean food streak – in search of the best Korean restaurant in town. But of course, that’s apart from my breakfast and café huntings. *ahem*
Doused in Gojuchang sauce, O Jing Eo Bokem (Rm17.90) – juicy squids that was made spicy, chewy and had a nice bounce to it. I could’ve easily picked out the squids and ate it all myself! The Soon dobu jjigae (spicy tofu stew with seafood) turned out unexpectedly delicious also.
Read about my previous entry on Ko Hyang Here.

Location: LG116 / Lower Ground Floor (Old Wing – LG Promenade)Website: Click Here
14. Molten Lava

My first taste of churros was at Queen Victoria markets in Melbourne. Oh was it heavenly!

At Molten Lava – crisp hot Spanish Churros (Rm4.50/3 each) that came fresh from the fryer and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Who would’ve thought that fried dough pastry can taste so good? A definite must try.

Location: LG312B / Lower Ground Floor (New Wing – LG Highstreet)
15. Lammeeya
Alas – Lammeeya. By then, I still had space left to scoff, but ran out of time.
Wait! There’s a reason I left this place to the end!
I paid Lammeeya a visit not long back and had a great time feasting on some of their Malaysian Chinese dishes. I don’t think there’s any major change in the menu just yet, hence, I presume my former review still valid.
You can read all about my experience Here.

Location: LG333A / Lower Ground Floor (New Wing – LG Highstreet)Contact: 03-7727 4877Website: Click Here
I timed-out but still managed to cover 14 out of the 15 listed eateries in the passport. I coupe well alright?

Being given a prior timeframe to adhere to, it was strenuous at times, running from one eatery to another – hurriedly, and for the sake of completing all 15 outlets listed in the passport. Nevertheless, I still thoroughly enjoyed the notion of food tasting and sampling – like I always do.
The organising committee did a brilliant job, putting together an interesting program and ensuring all of us were well fed throughout the 5 hour stint.
Many of our sponsors did us a great favour too, by narrowing down their menu options to serving their signature dishes only. So, what you’ve seen and read in this write-up, are among the best.
In the end, there were so much food to go around, we were never in danger of running out and some of us even did takeaways.
All in all, 1 Utama’s Wonder Food Adventure was an amazing experience for me and of course, it was a real joy of meeting, talking and eating with other bloggers.
On a side note, earn 1UPoint for every Rm1 spend at ONECARD participating outlets and redeem it like cash to pay for your purchases. Once again, thank you 1 Utama, ONECARD and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for making this happen.
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