[Part 1: 1 Utama Wonder Food Adventure] Bisou, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Fu, I Love Yoo, Mr Cendol, Oyster King, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, SS2 Goreng Pisang, Seaweed Club

By noreply@blogger.com (Spicy Sharon)

Here’s the list of restaurants covered in Part What a brilliant day to do a food adventure and I am starving!

Hosted at the World’s 4th largest mall, 1 Utama’s Wonder Food Adventure was held in conjunction with the Wonder Food month, from the 4-24 Nov and in collaboration with The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

I was lucky enough to be part of the event – as a food blogger of course!

Upon registering ourselves, we were given a Food passport each, to be stamped upon completing each visit.

I was eagerly counting down on the minutes before I can sprint to the nearest eatery listed – 15 in total. It did reminded me of Amazing Race no less, and Gosh – I do looked a little dazzled-bedazzled that morning.

We have hearty appetites but limited tummy space, thus it’s crucial to choose wisely. To satisfy our cravings for authentic local street food, we weaved our way through LG Promenade first.

1. Bisou Bake Shop

Like the saying goes – white is the new-black, cupcakes is the new-cake!

I was enthralled by the sight of beautifully crafted dainty little cupcakes and cakes. So colourful and pretty! Bisou’s signature picks? Red velvet (the one and only), Apple pie, Raspberry cheesecake, Chocolate dementia and Dark secret. I had a go at their Chocolate dementia flavour – it was decadently sinful.

Cupcakes Rm6-8/each. Cakes Rm13/slice or Rm125/cake. Cookies Rm5/each. Buy 5 free 1 all year round.

Location: LGK105 / Lower Ground FloorContact: 03-7728 6525Website: Click Here
2. Eat and Happy Yong Tau Foo

If I wasn’t on a food race, I would’ve probably sat down and leisurely enjoyed multiple refills of this yong tau fu soup. The soup was savoury and the fish balls bouncy but my pick would have to be the fu-chuk (beancurd skin). Though dunked in soup, it was tasty, chewy and mildly crispy.

Prices start from Rm7.90 for 3 pieces + noodles. Yong Tau Foo Rm1.50/each.

Location: LGK115 / Lower Ground FloorContact: 03-7726 8010
3. I Love Yoo
Who doesn’t remember having yau char kwai (you tiao) as a kid?

I Love Yoo, serves up a feast of traditional Chinese-eats with a modern twist. From sesame balls to ham chim peng; porridge to taufufa – all the childhood favourites. The yau char kwai was a rockstar – made out of soybeans and deep fried to a nice golden brown tone.

Prices start from Rm1.60/each. Set of yau char kwai + porridge at Rm4.30 onwards.

Location: LG117 / Lower Ground FloorContact: 03-7726 8010Website: Click Here
4. Mr Cendol

Cendol soya (Rm5.00) and Cendol special (Rm6.50) – a favourite Malaysian thirst quencher that goes really well with Rojak also, if I may just add.

The Cendol special had heaps of green jelly worms that slid right down my throat, coconut milk that was not too overpowering, glutinous rice was mashed fine and the vanilla ice cream added a icy touch to the overall dessert.

Location: LGK109 / Lower Ground FloorContact: 03-7726 8010Website: Click Here
5. Oyster King

For a dish like O’Chien (Rm9.00) – the oysters are precious.

We were constantly digging through those nicely charred eggs – unconsciously or not, in search of that hidden oyster. If you’d like it sweet, lather some chilli sauce on top of the eggs, I always prefer mine that way.

I also had a go at the OK Special Wrap (Rm7.80), Lala Fried Meehon (Rm7.50) and a soothing glass of Chrysanthemum Tea (Rm2.50).

Location: LGK113 / Lower Ground FloorContact: 03-7880 2688Website: Click Here
6. Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh

Believe it or not, the last time I had bak kut teh – that was some 10 years ago. Time to revive my taste buds.
When the bak kut teh arrived, it was sizzling with temptation. And I swear I saw sparks coming out of the burner!
The pork ribs came exceedingly tender and flavoured with loads of herbs and spices. The thick broth was a little dry yet, had a distinctly rich sweet and salty aftertaste. Prices start from Rm13.

Location: P282 / Lower Ground Floor (Old Wing – LG Promenade)Contact: 03-77252599Website: Click Here
7. SS2 Goreng Pisang

Ss2 Goreng Pisang sells a range of deep fried goodies. Including the infamous goreng pisang, fried glutinous cake, fried sweet potato, prawn fritters and many more. Tip: Eat this while it’s still hot and quickly!

Priced at Rm1.60/each or Rm3.00 for 2. Mashed banana balls Rm3.00 for 5.

Location: LGK112 / Lower Ground FloorWebsite: Click Here

8. Seaweed Club

My surprise top pick goes to – the sensational seaweed salad popiah!

Amazing textures among a medley of simple ingredients that gives so much satisfaction. Your choice of original, tuna, spicy or wasabi fillings, together with a combo of fresh salad, crispy biscuits, a dash of special sauce and wrapped in spring roll paper and roasted seaweed. We couldn’t stop munching it, cheerfully of course!

I also had a great time slurping on 3 of their 9 tea offerings – Genmai green tea (Rm4.50), Jojoba tea (Rm6.00) and Longan tea (Rm6.00). My favourite would have to be the Jojoba tea.

Priced at Rm6.00/roll. Buy 2 for a free drink all year round. Now, why didn’t I do a takeaway?

Location: LGK103A / Lower Ground Floor
This is the end of Part 1 of a 2 part series of the Wonder Food Adventure. Click Here for Part 2!

Food Blog by: Spicy Sharon

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