Pampas Burger, Dataran Jelatek Setiawangsa KL

By (Spicy Sharon)

A little too soon for another burger write-up you’d say, but there I was, standing in front of Pampas Burger on a lovely Saturday evening, greeted by cheerful staff who gave us a terrific welcome.

Pampas Burger

Newly opened Pampas Burger is part and parcel of the Pampas Group, which also carries Pampas Reserve in Raja Chulan, as well as the popular Pampas Grill and Bar in Changkat Bukit Bintang. Fetching contrasting dining experiences but with Prime Beef being their prevailing specialty. Pampas is also pork free.

But of course I was expecting a hint-of-premium tucked in that gourmet burger there somewhere!

Pampas Burger’s menu is very straightforward – burgers, burgers and more burgers.

Inspired by Argentinian and Western recipes, most ingredients are homemade and burgers are freshly packed and pan-grilled when ordered. I was told that pastas may be making their way into the menu real soon too.

While we waited for dinner to be served, we slurped on milkshakes and munched on light snacks.

Banana Milkshake (Rm8). Oreo Milkshake (Rm8).

Sweet Potato Fries (Rm8). Onion Strings (Rm8).

Kicking things off with the Best Selling burger in Pampas – The Bull, one of my exclusive favorites too.

The Bull. Rm20.

The Bull had the perfect burger combination, complimented by extremely well-done condiments.

The Australian grain-fed beef patty was delicious – it didn’t break apart, the beef was juicy and had a nice hint of pinkish tone to it. Piled high with generous lashes of chewy beef bacon too. Everyone knows that anything would go well with smoked BBQ sauce – especially burgers. Easily my favorite burger of the night.

The Gaucho. Rm25.

They call this the real man’s beef burger. Don’t be squirmish about having more meat!

What stood out? The Argentinian chimichurri sauce. A blend of mainly parsley, garlic and olive oil, which I thought resembled the pesto but as a dressing. I felt that the mild sauce balances out the overall flavors of the burger. A palate neutralizer that keeps you going.

The Ram. Rm19.

The Ram was a mixed bag. My friend thought the melted Swiss cheese killed the burger. Conversely, I thought the distinct taste of the lamb patty was overpowering and the honey mustard mint sauce was indistinguishable.

Cut The Crab. Rm18.

The first I’ve tried thus far – handmade crab patty!

The crab patty are made out of crab flesh and not artificial crab sticks. The spices used in the patty left a black-pepper-like feel on my tongue, which somehow or rather, reminded me of the stuffed crab I had at Coliseum Cafe and Grill sometime back.

The Pescado. Rm18.

The Hit: Great idea! A nice change from the red meats. The Norwegian salmon patty tasted authentic and had nice flaky textures inside. The signature Pampas tartar sauce complimented the salmon really well too.

The Miss: Salmon-being-salmon, it left a trial of not-so-pleasing, rich and fishy aftertaste in my mouth.
Something Sweet. Rm6.

Verdict: Not my mug of tea. Too creamy and mushy. They need to come up with at least one really good dessert in their menu.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10. Being extremely new, I thought Pampas has got potential. The prime beef burgers are definitely the star of the Pampas, with The Bull taking leads. The burgers are very reasonably priced too.

What surprised me in today’s visit – there were a steady stream of customers walking in and out of the restaurant the entire time I was there. A little unexpected for this side of town really. I left at slightly pass 10pm and the place was still bustling with activity. As far as the neighborhood peeps are concern, there’s hype. From what I was told, it gets busier on weekdays!

Pampas Burger is located at:
Address: G-06, Dataran Jelatek, Jalan Jelatek, Setiawangsa, Hulu Kelang 54200 Selangor.
Phone: 03 42654229 / Kana 012 2111480
Opening Hours: Daily 12pm-12am

Food Blog by: Spicy Sharon

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