#OOTD Winter Tones And My Personality Type.

By noreply@blogger.com (sharon loh)

I recently attended a social etiquette workshop.

It was a two day workshop which not only taught me plenty about behaving in formal social settings, but also a little about myself, my personality. So, I thought I’d share a snippet of the results that came out of one of the personality test I did.

In a nutshell, there’re 4 main categories, and my personality type takes up 13% of the general population (16% male 10% female).

Extrovert/Introvert – I’m an Extrovert. I love meeting new friends (but really it depends).
Sensing/Intuition – I’m Sensing. I tend to follow known practices rather than being intuitive or last minute.
Thinking/Feeling – I’m Thinking. I need to put facts and figures into perspective before making a decision.
Judging/Perceiving – I’m Judging. Judging here does not mean being judgemental, but someone who plans in advance versus someone who goes with the flow. Think: planning an itinerary for a trip.

Having said that, I fall into a narrow spectrum of being half/half or close to 50% for almost all of the characteristics, though marginally stronger in the few that just I mentioned. In other words, I’m divergent (jeng-jeng-jeng).

Alright. I’ve strayed far enough.

Back to this fashion post. I’m wearing four winter tones – dark green, brown, beige and black. I’ve begun to fall in love with winter green hues eversince I casually drifted from my black/white phase.

Wearing:Green Knit Top: KL Boutique | Black Bodycon Skirt: Top Shop | Beige Sling Bag: Miss Selfridge | Accessories: Lovisa |
Vintage Heels : Geraffee

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