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It was all planned – the visit to NOSH and the long awaited outing with my Uni-mates. It was one, tiring week I had, thus I was buoyantly looking forward to this.

Notwithstanding – I have loads of unworn clothes that I bought during my Taiwan trip recently, still tucked neatly at the bottom of my luggage and dying to show itself in broad day light (or maybe just for a stroll this dinner time).

I pried open the transparent plastic bag and decided to don one of my treasured loves of the trip. It really isn’t that hard, to pick an outfit – if everything is new.

Back to dinner – I’ve heard heaps of good things about NOSH and it was about time I paid this place a visit.


Few days ago, I was harping on the internet, in search of so-called ‘inspirations’ (what’s good and what’s not) on my upcoming dining experience at NOSH.

Hence, I already had a rough idea on what-to-have and what-not.

Opened about a year ago, NOSH docks up an array of Fusion cuisine but leaning more towards the Western palate, from what I noticed from its menu.

One thing you must know – NOSH are huge on their desserts. With that in mind, I knew I was in for a sweet treat but before that, bring on the carbs and protein please!

Trendy looking white walls and counter tops, with simple looking plywood chairs and fixtures. It was meant to be a no-frills dining experience.

I was really glad that the place was well lit and lighting came ample. Else, it would be a photography nightmare for someone like me.

I arrived at 7.30pm, peak dinner time if you may and I was taken aback as customers were scarce still. We were the second table of seated customers for that evening.

While we were spontaneously exchanging stories and updating each other on our latest events, my tummy starting grumbling profusely.
Flat White. Rm10.00.
Chilled Juices. Rm8.00. Smoked Salmon Salad. Rm29.00.

I promised not to bash that often but this time, I just have to – the salad was figuratively horrible.

Firstly, the smoked salmon came extremely meagre, five thin slices to be exact. Then came the salad greens – it was bitter, chewy and dry, evident from the lack of vinaigrette dressing. Unusually, the only good thing that came out of this was the perfectly boiled potatoes.

For the price paid, it was downright disappointing. A bit of an anti-climax since this was merely the first dish.
Crispy Oyster Mushroom. Rm14.00.

I was relieved that the deep fried oyster mushrooms that came after was surprisingly decent.

The batter was crispy yet not too thick and warm when served. It could do with a hint less salt nonetheless.

Pollo Nel Curry Chicken. Rm28.00.

This is my first time trying strozzapretti!

The strozzapretti or pasta strands, did reminded me of a spaghetti and fusilli combo.

The curry aroma that exudes from the dish made it undoubtedly appetizing. I had fun scooping the pasta up – all drenched in spicy and creamy curry sauce. It was a little spicy towards the end but I figured the combination worked in its favour, and worthy of trying other than the typical everyday pastas.

Salmon with Lemon Capers. Rm41.00.

The grilled salmon in lemon caper cream sauce was an exquisite delight.

Sitting neatly on a bed of bright and beautifully seasoned rosemary potatoes and vegetables – the perfectly grilled salmon was moderately firm in texture, moist and flavourful. The salmon skin was a crispy delight too!

Now – on the desserts.

The thing about me is – I’m not huge on desserts.

There’s really only a few variations that I truly enjoy and I tend to just stick to my favorites. But of course, I’m always more the willing to give other hot stuff a go.

NOSH – I’ve heard great stuff about your desserts. Please surprise me. So, how did it go?

Valrhona Heaven. Rm34.00.

The Valrhona Heaven was indeed heavenly.

Living up to it’s namesake, this divine trio of molten chocolate cake, tart au chocolat and gourmet chocolate ice cream was to die for.

I naughtily poked and scoop a spoonful of the molten gooey centre and chocolate cake and went – mmmmm followed by a smile.

The ice cream was smooth and a great cool companion but my favourite amongst the lot have to be the tart au chocolat – it had a moist and chocolaty centre with the best part being the crunchy biscotti-like base at the bottom.

There’s literally nothing I can point out that went wrong with this dessert. All praises, really.

Overall Rating: 6/10. One thing I noticed while I was there, there were more people arriving at 9pm than at 7pm. What does this tell you about the food? People come here for dessert rather than mains. I figured the food was a little overpriced, as it wasn’t near as good as I’d expected. Desserts were fabulous nonetheless. Further supporting my verdict – come for dessert only.

NOSH is located at:
No. 7 Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
03-2201 3548

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