My Peachy Weekend of Birthday Celebrations

By (Spicy Sharon)

If you’d asked me about blogging outright about myself last time, I wouldn’t have had a strong stance towards it. Simply because I don’t think I lead an interesting enough life to write about it all in all. Perhaps somewhat adventurous in the eating arena, but rather mundane apart from that. While I’ve always kept an open mind – on wanting to add something new to this blog every year, I wasn’t entirely sure on how-not to write about food. But of course, I’m giving that a shot this time round.
If you’ve stumbled upon this blog frequent enough, you would’ve noticed that I’ve recently supplemented a Lifestyle and Travel tab on my top navigation bar. In this light, I’ve started writing more about my uninteresting-self and took on more reviews apart from those relating to food. Rest assured though, eating will always be the primary gist of this blog.

Notwithstanding, I am grateful for all that have materialized and got me wraps for the past weekend; I’m gratified to have great friends and family to fall back on; I’m thankful that my birthday celebration for this year blasted off in a sparkling streak. It wasn’t a huge affair by any means, but definitely worthy of remembering all in all. Anyhow, I’m dying to share some of my most-loved shots from the past weekend.

I met up with a few good friends for a casual dinner on Saturday night. I was craving for honey chipotle chicken crispers at that point in time, and also my all time favorite in Chilies to add. Hence, the restaurant of choice – Chilies at Paradigm Mall.
We’ve known each other for a good 20 years now and still happily counting. These people have been with me, for most part of my birthday celebrations, for as long as I remembered. Loads of good laughs; Heaps of chit-chatter; Umpteenth of reminiscing of the past. Cindy will be popping out a boy toddler in about a fortnights’ time, which also meant – anytime now. We came up with some pretty clever strategies if that were to happen that night. You wouldn’t want to hear about the rest.

For those who didn’t fit in the picture; For those who went missing when this picture was took; For those who came late – suffice to say that this is as good as a camera phone gets.

Leading to the finale, I went to Play Club at The Roof that night. Partying are usually a mixed bag for me. But occasions like these definitely calls for a compulsory night out. It may have sounded like a fantastic idea at first, but would in all likelihood lead to overspending on overpriced drinks, hours of discomfort heels and soles, and crowds of frustrated people balking over tight spaces.

Beyond what seemed like an infinity of toasts and drinks, it was an incredibly enjoyable night out. At least for me it was. The sight of jolly people around me, really did fire-up the jollyness in me too in the end.

The night after, we had the official Birthday dinner.

One look from across the table – I noticed haggard expressions. It was obvious that all of us were still drained from the late night out yesterday. Somehow or rather, it really did in a way made me feel much more appreciative of everyone being there that night, than ever before.

I was really expecting a peaceful dinner of small talk and composed laughter. For a seemingly muffled setting, turned into a whimsical playground towards the end.

I think I need more sleep. The coming weekend sounds like a fantastic idea to do just that. Naturally, I felt that recovery time have not been as speedy as previously. Its definitely signs of ageing kicking in. Yes, sometimes I consent of growing up too.

On a side note, if exclusive home-dining interest you, you can read the full review of Huck’s Cafe at Bangsar Here.

Post-weekend, there were a handful of Birthday meals and countless of Birthday wishes. You know who you are and Thank You very much. Sayang everyone.
This weekend’s birthday gatherings taught me something – self realization if you may.
Be around happy people. It really doesn’t matter how happy you are – to some extend. It really depends on how happy those around you are – to some extend too. I need positive chi all the time. So make the influence positive please.
Love myself more. Sometimes, when I say that I’m not available, it really meant – I want to spend more time on my comfy bed, munch on my favorite bag of sour cream and onion chips, and watch Korean dramas back-to-back. In frivolous sociable terms – a loner, and I’ve never been an introvert to admit that I am.
Notwithstanding, I stumbled upon this rather meaningful quote just recently, “It is important to strategically allocate your time and effort to the objective goals that will bring you the most subjective satisfaction.” So true.
I may have just gone a little too wordy here. On that note, I have a feeling that this year is going to be an awesome year.

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