Milk and Butter, Bangsar

By (Spicy Sharon)

I love my big western fry-ups. Do you?

Milk and Butter

Telawi 2 – A street that is highly saturated with breakfast-brunch restaurants and well known as a café-lifestyle hotspot amongst the Bangsar peeps.

Milk and Butter is stylish and perhaps a little swanky – a sofa at the side, cushioned chairs, Avian bottled water and even a sleek counter top at the centre of the restaurant.

Frankly, sometimes when I walk into a restaurant like these, I’m quite afraid to have a peep at the menu, simply because of it’s price. But upon flipping through, I realized that it’s just a few pennies more than the rest – still, unless the food is marvellous, I would subconsciously return to my favourites and call this a been-there-try-that place.

Apologies for the ramblings. Where were we again? Oh right – Milk and Butter.

This is the meal that I’ve been most looking forward to since the start of the week. And yes, I usually have reward meals after a long week at work and massages too for that matter – I really wanted a big and hearty Western breakfast.

The folks I came with.

Food came in a jiff – 10 minutes at most. I was speedily impressed but then again, there weren’t many patrons around since it was slightly pass 1pm already – a little late for brunch but it’s never too late for breakfast in my books. #grin

Lazy Day Breakfast. Rm23.

Ah ~ for a lazy day. An abundant arrangement using an assortment of natural colours. It does look appetizing isn’t it?
Typical breakfast fry-ups with some unique add-ons like the tomato fondue on a multigrain bread, mesclun salad and chilled corn relish at the middle – which come to think of, tasted a little Indian-inspired, like some spice used in curry, can’t really tell which one though.

Smoke Salmon and Chicken Crostini. Rm23.
Now, this is another one of those wonderfully plated dish that is great to look at. A handful of salsa and sautéed mushrooms that sits delicately on top a slice of smoked salmon and tomato with a round shaped bread as base. Like every mushroom fanatic, I love the sautéed mushrooms. Egg Benedict Turkey Ham. Rm18.

This dish came simple – a little too simple in fact and sadly, one of the poached eggs came overcooked and had a hole in it. Eggs benedict… what?

Roast Beef Sandwich. Rm22.

Slices of roast beef tucked in between a crusty ciabatta bread. The roast beef was juicy, seasoned well and not too savoury. I thought it was really clever to have the bread spread with garlic butter instead of the norm, it really did make a traditionally dry-sandwich a little more buttery and definitely more tasty. The aioli and spicy-mayo sauce was superb dippers but I could do with merely a dash of chilli sauce for the crisp cut fries.

What is breakfast without coffee right? Milk and Butter uses illy coffee beans for their coffee.

Hot Chocolate. Rm10.

Cappuccino. Rm9. Café Latte. Rm9.

I have-to have-to share this. There were an array of pretty impressive artwork of cakes displayed at the store front that was so-so-pwetty. Can I have one of those for my Birthday pwease?

Besides that, individually sliced cakes are sold inside the restaurant also.

Raspberry Cheesecake. Rm12.

Lemon Chocolate Meringue. Rm12.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10. There’s really nothing to shout about – the breakfast decent the coffee good. But with Antipodean being just across the street, maybe I shall just stick to my usuals, right?

Milk And Butter is located at:
25G Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, KL
2201 9869

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