Marutama Ra-men, Farenheit 88 KL

By (Spicy Sharon)

They say this Japanese Restaurant serves one of the Best Ramen in KL and PJ.

I’m largely sceptical on must-try restaurants, the best in town, etc. coz it usually turns out being not as good, hence, I’m always disappointed. Of course there have been instances where I actually did agree with the masses but that’s not always the case.

Marutama Ramen

Being told that it was one of the best in town, I only lever up my expectations when I walked into the restaurant, expecting every single dish to be awesome, else fabulous. #toomuch

I was half expecting to walk into a posh come classy restaurant like Ippudo, in which I figured was the closest I can compare against.
Once I stepped foot into the restaurant, I thought – well, this is simple. Sleek chairs and tables separated by Japanese inspired wooden fences with a couple of Japanese artwork on the wall – not exactly authentically Japanese but definitely cosy enough for me.

The menu came as a brain-teaser – there is 17 types of Ramen to choose from, one will only be spoilt for choices. I was torn between choosing something conventional or an interesting combination, in which I have yet to sample. After 5 minutes of menu flipping, I decided to go with the basics.

Can you imagine me, squeaking in excitement when my food arrived within 5 minutes of ordering and looked scrumptiously good-looking like that?
Char Siu Ramen. Rm25.

I immediately took a sip of chicken soup – fragrant, flavourful, a little slick and oily and definitely more salty than sweet, it instantly became almost addictive. The slices of roast pork were delicate and tasty but the noodles were nothing to shout about. My dish was a terrific example of letting ingredients speak for themselves. Simple preparation and presentation using only a few core ingredients. I gobble-up the whole bowl but though it felt a little expensive at Rm25. Char Siu. Rm6.
You can either opt for Marutama’s signature Ramen which comes with 1 slice of roast pork, or this, an extended version with 3 more slices of thinly sliced roast pork for an additional Rm6. On it’s own, the roast pork looked a little dry but the lean meat and layered fats was a melt-in-my-mouth combo.
Mentai Gohan. Rm7.

Fragrant rice topped with fresh mentai (cod roe) as an accompaniment to the char siu.
Ajitama. Rm2.

I love oozing egg yolks, the sight of it makes me flutter. Each table comes with unlimited refills of fried garlic. I threw spoonful loads of this into my ramen, good enough to be eaten on it’s own in fact.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10. My char siu ramen was extremely hearty and comforting to eat, it was clearly one of the better versions I’ve had. What I didn’t like about it though, was that it got on the verge of being a little too salty towards the end of the meal, from the roast pork and also the slightly oil-slick chicken soup. On that note, my preference is still leaning towards Ippudo, another ramen-killer as oppose to Marutama. Marutama is located at:Lot Flr. 27.01, 1st floor, Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, KL
03 – 2141 1573
Located on the 1st floor, all the way at the back and right next to Sakae Sushi.
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