Johnny Rockets, The Curve

By (Spicy Sharon)

Malaysian’s love for Burgers never end. In fact, it just got bigger!

Once you step into Johnny Rockets, you are instantly teleported to another era and continent – an American one, with a seriously cool collection of vintage signs gracing the walls, a jukebox and also some nifty gritty stuff on each table.

On the menu – you have to order a Shake to go with your burger!

I got there slightly pass 2pm and it took about 1 hour before we were seated.

Now – waiting time is not exactly an issue if you’re inside a mall, where you can freely loiter around while waiting for your turn to come. I was perfectly fine to wait as long as the restaurant is packed.

However, I noticed that there were many empty tables inside and outside the restaurant. So it seemed like the kitchen was going havoc with 20 inefficient man scuffling in there – I’m not impressed at all.

After all the sun, sweat and tears, we were finally seated – it took another 30 minutes before our meal was served, by a sweaty waiter with shaky hands, wobbly trays and going in extremely slow-mo mode.
Looks like my lunch started on the wrong foot here, but lets see if its worth the wait.
Chocolate Mad Shake (Rm18.90). Peanut Butter Shake (Rm18.90). Vanilla Shake (Rm14.90).
The deluxe shakes are one of the most expensive in town – it costs as much as a burger! They have some pretty cool selections going nonetheless.
My favourite would have to be the classic vanilla shake – chilled and light. In fact, a little too light for my liking and also not the smoothest and thickest shake around. The metal shakers at the side – there are about a gulp left of shake in there. What are those for again? Root Beer Float. Rm9.90.

Bacon Cheddar Single. Rm24.90.+Sweet Potato Fries. Rm2.50.

First up – I had the beef patty with bacon and cheddar burger.

The burger looked colourfully inviting and was beautifully crafted – the bacon perfectly seasoned and cooked, the beef patty was a little dry, the cheddar melted hearts, the special sauce gave the burger an extra kick and the buttered brioche bun toasted nicely. I had a great time devouring this.

Rocket Single Rm22.90.

Once I bite into this burger, I was surprised – there was nothing incredibly different about it, it was like eating a cheeseburger. Boring!

Frankly, I didn’t really like the beef patty also. It was dry, with some hard bits in between and definitely not that juicy burger patty I was hoping for. On second thoughts, it’s texture did felt quite like processed meat.

The Original. Rm19.90.+Onion Rings. Rm2.50.

‘The burger doesn’t come with cheese’, I was told. I was then asked if I wanted to top-up. I declined. There’s no cheese for a reason right?

This was my least favourite burger. By the time I got around to having this, lettuce and onions were everywhere, it was a mess. The distinct side about this burger though, it had pickles, relish, mustard and mayo in it, quite bold actually, a sourish burger if you’d insist. I wasn’t a huge fan.

The onion rings was an amazing addition, one of the best I’ve had in fact. The onions were fresh, the batter deep fried to a nice golden shade and it was so-so crispy.

Route 66. Rm24.90.

Save the best for the last – this is my pick amongst the lot. Shroom lovers, you are in for a treat.

It was really nice to bite through those juicy grilled mushrooms and onions, dunked in mayonnaise and slap with a slice of melted Swiss cheese. What toothsome textures – this was delectable.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10. The hype is there – surely and obviously, but as much as I love my burgers, I’ve had way better ones. Johnny Rockets are far lagging behind compared to some of the standalone burger joints I’ve been to. My pick? Route 66 and Bacon Cheddar. You know what would be nice too? Cut down on the performances and speed up the serving please. I left Johnny Rockets with a heavy heart.

Johnny Rockets is located at:
Lot G52, The Street, The Curve, 47800 Mutiara Damansara

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