Highlights Of 2016: My Favorites Of The Year.

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2016 Mottos: Treating Myself Great. Eat Well. Stay occupied. Keep it real.
If I’m not at work (yes, I have a full time job), I’m usually out and about, be it for blog-related reviews or just plainly catching up with a few friends, while balancing it all out with some quality me-time, doing nothing and killing time watching Youtube and K-dramas (not the entire day though!). Is spending hours on photo-editing and blogging considered me-time too?

Bringing me to my 2016 food endeavors.

Throughout the year, I stumbled upon plenty of exciting (and good) eats, though to be honest, it didn’t felt as exciting as the year before. Perhaps I wasn’t as adventurous as I used to be, or maybe the local food scene simply wasn’t as creative.

Hence, it wasn’t difficult compiling my list of favorites for the year. As usual, I had great fun writing all about it and hope you had fun reading it too. (Read my 2015 & 2014 list. 2013 was a lazy year for me.)

Thank you all for the ongoing support and wishing every one of you a very Happy New Year.

My Favorite Japanese Steak: Torii @ Jalan Batai KL

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My dinner at Torii that evening, featured masterfully prepared, elegant portions of premium Japanese steaks, accompanied by intermittent sips of Japanese whiskey in between dishes. As far as the drinking goes, having whiskey on a weeknight doesn’t sound like such a frisky idea afterall.
The Kobe Zabuton A5 was exquisite in it’s own simplicity. Seasoned with only salt and pepper, this top-quality steak not only tasted distinctly flavorsome and sweet (the truffle sauce at the side was unnecessary), but also had delicate and melt in the mouth textures. It’s an understatement for me to add that this was easily one of the best Japanese steaks I’ve had – and I’m not exaggerating.

My Favorite Thai Restaurant: Ekkamai @ Jalan Batai KL

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I have always been a huge fan of modern Thai cuisine, hence my undeniable preference towards restaurants like Ekkamai. Ekkamai at Jalan Batai, Damansara Heights is a quaint yet elegant restaurant, serving authentic Thai cuisine, with a contemporary twist.
I walked in to a bustling restaurant that scorching Saturday afternoon and snagged the last window seat available. Fortunately for me also, it had streams of natural sunlight beaming through. Great! The meal was easily one of the highlights of my weekend.

My Favorite Place For Thai Street Food: Streat Thai @ Jaya One PJ

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Like the name suggests, Streat Thai specializes in authentic Thai street eats, decking out some of everyones’ favorite Thai delights, including hand-picked specialties from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket, to just name a few.

The best bet here? Jok Tom Yum! A new addition in their menu, this Tom Yum Porridge with Seafood and Minced Chicken packs a punch, without being overly fiery. The porridge was thick and had a nice sourness from the tom yum, complimented with generous servings of salmon, squid, prawns and miced chicken. Remember to give the half-boiled egg and porridge a bit of a stir before eating.

My Favorite Brunch Venue: Wild Honey @ Pavilion KL

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Welcome to one of my newest and favorite brunch hangout – be prepared to queue, though it will definitely be worth the wait. Wild Honey’s motto: No Place Like Home, and like the name suggests, the restaurant offers comfort food at it’s best, serving all day breakfast, everyday.

The Barbary (RM36.00) was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Shredded duck confit smashed in a ball of perfectly crisp potato hash (this was so good!), on a pool of thick pink grapefruit hollandaise, sunny side up and crispy shallots, together with two slices of bread at the side. The unification of flavors worked so well together.

My Favorite “Fun Dining” Experience: BABE @ Clearwater Damansara Heights KL

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Ever since I heard about the opening of BABE late last year, I was undoubtedly keen to visit. Created by Michelin Star Chef Jeff Ramsey, BABE is a modern Japanese-Tapas (Japas) fine dining restaurant, that promises an unforgettable yet fun dining experience.

My degustation meal was priced at RM300 per person. A 15-course dinner, showcasing some of the chef’s creatively crafted signature dishes. Each course was introduced by the servers, explaining the dish’s concept and its ingredients. Be prepared to be surprised!

My Favorite Oriental Themed Speakeasy Bar: Suzie Wong @ Wisma Lim Foo Yong KL

There’s just something about oriental themed speakeasies that never ceases to amaze me.

This year, we saw the opening of PS150 @ Petaling Street, The Pawn Room @ TTDI and Suzie Wong @ Wisma Lim Foo Yong. All oriental-themed speakeasies.

One thing that stood out for me at Suzie Wong however, was the added art of entertainment, from the jazz and live band performances, to the familiar tunes of Chinese oldies by the ladyboys (or are they?). Sit too near to the stage and risks being picked on. It’s interactive like that!

Be ready to pay extra for that however. Prices here come real steep, at RM50-60 per cocktail. There’re a lot of hype surrounding this place for the time being, hence bookings are essential. The establishment may be limiting access to members-only soon. You get the idea.

My Favorite Spanish Tapas Hideout: Pinchos @ Changkat KL

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The one thing I don’t quite fancy about visiting Changkat is that it could get a little scruffy and rowdy when nightfalls. To top that off, the parking system have always been an utter ripoff here. Having said that, I think Pinchos was definitely worth the journey.

Pinchos at Changkat is famed for it’s range of unbeatable tapas, offering some 50-odd tapas selection in the menu. I reveled in the idea of of snacking, sampling and sharing small plates. Having tapas seemed just like the perfect dinner plan for me. Tapas enthusiasts, this place is made for you – and me.

My Favorite Chinese Hotpot Restaurant: Hong Kong Hotpot @ Bangsar KL

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A steamboat or hotpot experience (whatever it may be) is never only about the food, but the joy of dunking and dipping, with close friends and family, alongside candid conversations and laughter.
Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant is located right above Tous Les Jours, opposite Bangsar Village II. And like the name suggests, authentic Hong Kong styled hotpot is their specialty. Expect really fresh and premium ingredients here, alongside a wholesome soup base which didn’t make me thristy thereafter. To add, they’re also open after-party hours, from 12am – 4am, but upon reservations only.

My Favorite Casual Dining Restaurant: BLVD House @ Naza Towers Persiaran KLCC

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BLVD House is an All Day Brasserie And Bar, spawned against the prominent KLCC strip, and also the latest addition to the growing Naza F&B empire. The restaurant spots an old-fashioned yet elegant, upscale ambience, with plenty of dark timber in sight, which also strangely reminded me of the rustic charms from the charlie chaplin era. Despite the more than pretentious exterior, prices are still a-okay if you’d ask me.
Despite the less than favorable reviews I’ve read about online, my meal that evening was fantastic. The Bean Can Roasted Free Range Chicken and the Ribeye Steak especially. Apart from that, service was flawless throughout dinner, though our table for 4 felt incredible cramp for the number of dishes we ordered.

My Favorite Korean Fried Chicken House: Chir Chir Korean Fusion Factory @ Pavilion KL (Coming Soon)

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I recently visited Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (pronounced as chi-ruh chi-ruh), one of the top fried chicken restaurants in Korea, at 313 Somerset Orchard Road. Rest assured my Malaysian readers, Chir Chir Malaysia will be opening it’s doors in Pavilion KL come January 2017.
Chir Chir’s menu is all about the chicken, either fried or roasted, alongside a handful of other sides and salads to share. From what I gathered through my dining experience, the offerings here are far more extensive than the typical Korean fried chicken restaurant I’ve encountered so far. But okay, Kyochon still plays deep in my heart.

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