Frisky Goat, TTDI KL

By (Spicy Sharon)

In case you are wondering – contrary to what that has always been depicted in this blog, its not on daily basis that I feast on some place new. I have my routine weekday favorites, and of course a series of food anecdotes on weekends. That said, this lifestyle of mine have always been something that I’ve perpetually enjoy and at no time obliged to, because of this blog. I’m not define by it.
Frisky Goat
Joining the crowd of frisky patrons that early Sunday morning. I stepped into a teeming cafe and reaffirmed my point that city folks really enjoy our big breakfast fry ups and not forgetting the coffee.
We stood near the door along with a stream of other hungry patrons and were lucky enough to snag the last table available. There is always someone waiting for a table at Frisky Goat.

Frisky Goat is a bakery cafe which decks up mostly European inspired dishes.
A glimpse at their breakfast menu – I spotted a handful of rather distinctive breakfast offerings. Belgian waffles + poached eggs + seared salmon. Cleverly mismatched if you get what I mean. And I liked that.

What I found a tad distracting though – the blasting stereo of pop, rock and r&b tunes. The loud music reminded me of clubbing the night before – screeching to the ears and definitely not calming to soul, especially on a Sunday morning. I prefer peace and harmony while enjoying my food. Please tune the music down.

Some candid moments.

Mocha. Rm9.

I like the idea of latte art. Decidedly random, but looking at it makes me feel chirpy – somewhat. The bear didn’t looked that frisky though.

Cappuccino. Rm9.

Obviously a stranger to my world – I was given a cuppa with Hello Kitty art on it. Coffee felt alright – it wasn’t bad but not entirely amazing either.

Eggs Saumon Royale. Rm21.

There’s so much happening on the plate. Great textures and each has its own distinct flavors. The seared salmon was a little overcooked; The poached eggs wasn’t as runny; The waffles were light, crisp and tasty; The mushrooms were nicely done; The tomato hollandaise sauce was the least of my favorite. By itself, the dish didn’t wow me, but I was quite fond of the mismatched.

Eggs En Cocotte. Rm21.50.

Hearty baked eggs wrapped with sausage, bacon, cherry tomatoes, topped with a layer of deliciously melted cheese. The dish was flavorful on every mouthful, but wasn’t as rich as I thought it would be. The pool of fillings had a watery texture – not too sure if its meant to be but I wasn’t too perky about that.

Red Opera. Rm12.

Berry jam infused layered sponge cake, topped with crunchy and sticky bits of what I thought had nutty-like textures. It was nice and a pleasure to eat.
Overall Rating: 7/10. Somehow or rather, Frisky Goat reminded me of The Good Batch (Part 1/Part 2), from the dimly lit settings, letter-font signage, to its somewhat fusion menu. Given that the cafe just opened for a couple of months, the menu looks quite promising. There are definitely some gaps to be filled however.
Address: 72, Jalan Burhanudin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Phone: 017-881 0251Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:30 Closed Monday
Frisky Goat is at the corner shop lot, directly facing the main road.

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