Departure Lounge, Damansara Uptown PJ

By (sharon loh)

We were meant to go some place else for lunch that afternoon – some place more exciting by all means. We drove around the Damansara Uptown area in search of something new. Though we kept circling back to this row of shops. Perhaps it was about time I paid this veteran-breakfast spot a visit.
Departure Lounge

Stepping into Departure Lounge, I was greeted with a simplistic layout of wooden tables and see through plastic chairs, which aren’t the most comfortable to sit on if I may just add. The interior felt extremely elementary, nothing artsy-fartsy and photography-worthy like that, just a bunch of photographs on the wall and a few shelves of books lined up neatly at the edge of the cafe.

Now, don’t expect to have the menu placed in front of you and a waiter by your side to take orders – like I did. It’s a self service cafe – order at the counter and food will be served when it’s ready. The menu is upfront, against the wall, next to the counter.

Not knowing the standard protocol, I slumped down on the uncomfortable plastic chair, with a bedazzled look on my face, attempting my hardest to make eye contact with the waiter, starry eyed wide, before my friend returned from the washroom and told me that orders are done done at the counter.

Alright. I should’ve figured this out a little earlier but it would really help if one of the many idle staff hanging around the counter made an effort to point it out.

There is a custom docket for the big breakfast orders. Simply tick the items that fancies you. If I’m you; you are me, opt for the biggest big breakfast and fill the entire plate up. I had the seven items big breakfast.

Cappuccino (Rm8). Orange Juice.

Big Breakfast. Rm9.90 – Rm16.90.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10. This cafe’s probably one of those good old neighborhood cafes that you’ve already visited many times and is probably revisiting because you ran out of ideas on where to go next – for a wholesome and value for money English breakfast that is. Just one of those mornings where you have cravings for fried eggs and bacon. The brunch I had was satisfying and also a classic no doubt, but just a tad too boring for me.

Departure Lounge is located at:
Address: 10, Jalan SS21/39, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone: 603-7725 1682
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat (8am – 7pm), Sun & PH (8am – 5pm) Closed Tuesdays.

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