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By (Spicy Sharon)

Pardon the very-brief burger interval.

I know – I know, seem like a tad soon for me to do another burger post since Pardon the eyesight but I had to squint really hard to read the description. The fonts are ridiculously small for such an empty big board.

The blackboard menu is very simple – 7 types of burgers with either a choice of chicken or beef. You can also of course, request for the beef to be cooked rare, medium rare or well-done.

When I arrived – what greeted me was a large featured wall on the right; and a chalk-ridden green board on the left; with simple looking plastic and wooden stools.

It was nice to dine in a well lit environment but I wasn’t a huge fan of the ensuing echoes. All the chit chatter got a little too loud to a point that I could barely hear my friend sitting next to me!

I only had meagre bakery buns for lunch that day, hence I was starving by dinner time.
So imagine my bulging eyes when I was told that tonight’s dinner consist of 2.5 burgers each! Do not underestimate the tall one!

Knowing that each of us are all vying to try every burger served, the servers were attentive enough to get it sliced into quarters prior, though not the best one for picture taking purposes nonetheless.
Zombie Burger. Rm14.

There’s a reason that this is one of their signature burgers – awesome burger bun with an amazing bread-crumbed beef patty.

Loads of onions decked together with a slice of melted Swiss cheese and a 100gm of well-done beef minced patty. The texture of the bun is amazing – it was dense but made fluffy and soft. The grains of breadcrumbs infused in the beef minced patty added a nice crunch and also help cut down the richness of the beef meat.

Peanut Butter Bacon. Rm15.

In my books, nothing can go wrong with peanut butter, literally.

Inspired by the all-American peanut butter and jelly concoction, the extra layer of grilled beef bacon and minced patty gave a savoury touch to an otherwise sweet burger. Nevertheless, I thought it had too much going on it there – salty, sour, sweet – my taste buds got confused. A pinch of raspberry jam would do and slab on more peanut butter please!

Double Rainbow. Rm18.
The rainbow – a double-decker that was too much to handle.

I thought the patty had way to much peppery-and-beefy taste to it and was literally breaking apart on my first bite. Like my friends were saying, it resembles a meatball. I would stick to the single versions.

Classic Crayon. Rm12.
Decked in melted sharp cheddar and caramelized onion, I thought this classic was – terribly horrible.

I had both the beef and chicken versions to start with and both meats were dry. The leafy salads came rather inconsistent also, some of it was crisp and fresh but most of it was dull and wet. Then comes the part where it wasn’t packed properly and everything starts falling apart – the patty, the salads and the onions. Talking about the onions, the caramelized onions had a real pungent smell to it, like it has been sitting in the fridge overnight and left sour – can’t stand it, oh I can’t stand that smell.

Cheese Fondue. Rm15.50.
Nachos is my favourite type of chips. The burger however, is it dire need of sauce and more nachos.

The combination of nachos and melted cheddar was just too dry for my liking, especially with the grilled chicken combo. To be called a cheese fondue, the burger really needs more cheese.

Hashtag. Rm15.50.

This was in fact the first burger I had that night – it was okay.

The grilled chicken breast was generously thick and served with a chunk of hash brown and jalapeno cream cheese – (and so it claims) but I could barely taste any. Wasn’t it just mayo? What happen to the jalapeno and cheese?
The Boss. Rm16.

The Boss was a great way to end my meal, being one of my favourites also.

Yet again, both meats came a little dry but I was glad to see a nice pinkish hue to the beef patty this time round. The overall burger had a nicely done egg, onion rings, a slice of melted Swiss cheese and a swirl of really-really mild wasabi mayo. Oddly, I thought the combination works quite well together.

Fries and Drinks. Rm5 (add on).

The fries was piping hot when it was served, it wasn’t too salty and there was no oily residue. It also comes with a really mild version of cheddar cheese dipping sauce.

Overall Rating: 5.5/10. Here – there are burgers that you should unequivocally stay away from and burgers that you should welcome happily with opened-arms – I didn’t have any problems picking out my favourites.

Having wonderfully-colourful buns are definitely one of Crayon’s selling points, I for one – am enthralled. That said, the patties, especially the loosely packed beef ones needs tweaking, as well as the condiments that goes with it – notably on the lack of prominent sauces and wet salads.

Overall, my preference is leaning towards The Zombie and The Boss.

Crayon Burger is located at:
38, Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya, 45200 Selangor
Opened Daily 11am to 11pm Closed Mondays
Located at the edge of Hipsterville you’ll find a barn-like eatery that’s become a favourite for a number of Melbourne …read more

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