Chequers Cafe & Chequers Bakery @ TTDI KL – Waffles And Donuts.

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This post was written on the eve of Chinese New Year, hence the narration.
It was a Our trio of crusty Bread Balls (Rm10) came hidden with spinach, cheese and topped with a nicely done quail egg. Choose between turkey ham, beef bacon or smoked salmon as fillings. We had one of each and the smoked salmon would have to be my favorite.Our amazing Norwegien (Rm17) puff pastry felt very Japanese inspired. It came beautifully laced with smoked salmon, tobiko roe, mozarella, sundried tomatoes, seaweed, capers, dill, sliced potatoes and a poached egg. With a combination like that, seriously, you have to try this! Hanami (Rm8).
On a seperate ocassion, I dropped by Chequers Cafe to sample their much talked about siganture waffles.

I kid you not, the Chicken Cob Sandwich (Rm25) was amazing! The savory waffle had great textures and was very well crusted, layered with juicy grilled chicken, guacamole, sliced egg and topped with squirts of addictive curry mayo. What better way to have this but with waffle fries at the side!Loads of flavors happening for the Moo Moo (Rm28). It came with seasoned striploin beef patty cooked to medium, torched and wrapped in melted cheddar, beef bacon, raisin slaw, pickled radish and berry barbecue sauce. I enjoyed the mishmash but wasn’t too fond of the beef patty. The texture was way too mushy for my liking.
Overall Rating: 8/10. I really liked the BBQ Beef Ribs savory donut, but what’d probably wowed me was the Norwegien. On a side note, is there any other cafes in town which serves savory donuts, at an affordable price of 5 bucks each? At Chequers downstairs, if I were to pick my favorite, it would clearly be the Chicken Cob Sandwich. I will be back to sample their sweet versions once my sweet tooth rocks in.
Chequers is located at:Address: 153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPhone: 7733 3068Opening Hours: Bakery Opens 8am – 8pm Daily (Chequers Cafe: 8am – 11pm Daily). Closed Wednesdays.

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