BBQ (BarBQ) Plaza, 1 Utama

By (sharon loh)

Another midweek dinner with Careen! This time for a barbecue feast!

Mind you, this is not your typical BBQ layout, where smoke and charred meats manifests. Rather, a much more subtle Thai BBQ feast that I will be devouring this evening.

Bar-B-Q Plaza

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the yellow-hued pictures. I usually have no problems shooting under warm lighting, this time round though, I had grave difficulties finding the right white balance. Hence, in today’s review, you will be seeing a hint of yellow in most of my photographs.

BBQ Plaza originates from Thailand. Yes, you heard right – Thailand. Never in a million years would I thought of it’s affiliation – felt Chinese to me. There are close to 100 branches in Thailand and 16 outlets in Malaysia to date.

While we waited for our food to be served, I glanced around the restaurant and noticed that most tables were occupied by clans of young college kids. No wonder there’s always a long Que at the Sunway Pyramid branch. If you don’t already know, a good number of colleges are just a stones throw away from that mall.

For dinner, we had a table full of barbecue goodies lined up for us. Oh – were we eager to dig in.

Starting my review with the Deluxe Family Set. Comes with two platters – sliced meat and seafood, with 3 complimentary bowls of white rice, or an upgrade to garlic rice for Rm1.50/bowl. I would highly recommend upgrading. The garlic rice was worth every penny.

Deluxe Family Set.

The pork sliced meats are mandatory must-haves! If possible, I’d like a whole plate of just that! Any pork lover would fall in love with this. The sirloin, beef and lamb slices was also quite good all in all, though not as standout as the pork ones. The seafood platter on the other hand, was quite ordinary.
Garlic Fried Rice.

Marinated Chicken Drumstick.

The chicken may looked like it had heaps of sauce layered on top, but once cooked, the flavors weren’t as distinct as I thought it would be.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab with Oats.

Smothered with crisp oats, the deep fried soft shell crab was an addictive appetizer to kick start my dinner.

Fried Bacon Roll.

Before I could even pop one in my mouth, my friend was already raving on how good this is. He was right. I could’ve easily knocked back a dozen of these savory rolls. Don’t forget to dip it in the egg-mayo sauce!

Thai Taopok.

Essentially a taufu pok cut in halves and stuffed with seafood fillings, then deep fried into a golden brown color.

Thai Salad with Chicken.

Like most Thai salads, this dish lean towards the spicier side. We weren’t huge fans of this nonetheless.
Sweet Corn and Bacon Bits.

A newly added Japanese inspired dish in their menu, which was also one of my favorites that night. A really simple bowl of caramelized corn and bacon bits, yet rich in sweet flavors.

Ribena Soda. Double Rainbow Blended.

Menu of BBQ Plaza Here.

Overall Rating: 6/10. Whiffs of aromatic smokes were coming from all directions throughout the night. The highlight of my meal would have to be the sliced meats, especially the pork ones – those were delicious. On the other hand, I found the seafood platter variations to be rather ordinary and some of the side dishes – better off as side dishes. If I were to pick between the side dishes I liked best, it would be the fried bacon roll and the sweet corn and bacon. I thoroughly enjoyed those. After my feast, I couldn’t wait to rush home and get my hair washed and my clothes scrubbed – whiffs of aromatic smoke.

BBQ Plaza is located at:
Address: Lot F338A, 1 Utama (Rainforest New Wing), Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 603- 7496 0159

Located right opposite Shabu Ten.

Food Blog by: Spicy Sharon

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