A Delicious Experience At Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory.

By noreply@blogger.com (sharon loh)

Unleashing the K-Fan in me! Anything that spells C-H-I-C-K-E-N goes well in my books!First time at Chir Chir? You have to order the Crispy Fried Chicken to share. Made from Chir Chir’s original recipe, it was super crunchy on the outside yet juicy inside. Finger licking good! The Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken comes with oven-roasted chicken slathered in spicy BBQ sauce (it could get real fiery!), one whole salted baked egg, and a hearty serving of baked potato with sour cream. You get a whole family of chicken right there!Cheese-lovers, this dish is for you. The Nest Snow is possibly the most visually appealing dish we had that day. Meant to be shared, the dish features spicy chicken tenders, on a bed of sweet potato puree, topped with a mountain of finely grated cheddar, parmesan and mozzarella.Like most Korean fried chicken, the Garlicky Tenders had an addictively sweet and sticky bite, coated in special soy sauce and crunchy garlic bits. Give me the entire tray!One thing I really liked about Chir Chir’s chicken platter was that it came with fried sweet potato cubes (which I really liked) and chewy rice cakes. The Spicy Wings! also came with a sprinkle of almond bits. What a clever combination!The Honey Butter Chicken was easily one of the favorites of the table. The chicken came tossed in scrumptious honey butter sauce and seasoning. The dish leaned towards the sweet side but trust me, this was a pleasure to devour and would definitely be a hit in Malaysian shores!If that wasn’t enough, we also had a serving of Spicy Topokki to share. The dish came with toppoki, fish cakes, cajun battered squid and a deep fried hard boiled egg, in a pool of spicy gochujang sauce.Looking for some sides to share and something a little different to tickle those tastebuds? The Mac & Cheese had gooey macaroni and cheese topped with shredded cheddar, whereas the Topokki & Cheese had a combination of rice cakes with creamy cheese sauce, chicken ham and bacon bits.The drinks menu featured an array of sweetened alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We sampled the Passion Fruit, Red-gizer, and Blue Sky Tok! Tok! (there is also an alcoholic version of this). I still prefer my usual cup of hot tea however.Last but not least, what is fried chicken without the beer? The chimaek experience! My first taste of beer and whipped cream and I enjoyed it! The signature Chir Cream Beer had a bitter sweet finish.
A few hours later, I skipped out of Chir Chir, feeling pleasantly contented and with a bulging tummy full of chicken. 너무 맛있어요.
Five dishes I’d recommend – Honey Butter Chicken (Winner!), Crispy Fried Chicken, Garlicky Tenders, Spicy Wings and Chir Cream Beer.
One thing’s for certain, I had a wonderful time during my short rendezvous in Singapore, over some really good food and great company too of course. All good things are meant to be shared right?
I can’t wait to relive the delicious experience at the Pavilion KL outlet opening soon!

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