Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Bangsar Village

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One of Kayden and Kendric’s favourite bedtime story since they were young is about the three little pigs using their wits to out do the big bad wolf. Upon knowing this catchy name of a restaurant in Bangsar Village (and also a group buy voucher), we head for lunch one fine day in May.

Always like nice deco like this in a restaurant, looks like a cool place to hang out for coffee.


The 2 boys while waiting for the food to come. The place comes with different sets of menu from day and night, hence the tag ‘When the sun goes down and the 3 little pigs go home, the big bad wolf comes out to play’. Since we were there during lunch time, we’re probably presented with the 3 little pigs menu although a night visit is needed to confirm the big bad wolf menu.


We didn’t hesitate and order quickly some of the signature dishes like The Wolf’s Favourite Pasta (RM28). Creamy spaghetti with smoked pork bacon, topped with poached egg and crispy bacon egg, it’s one of the best carbonara that I’ve tasted before.


I’m So Hungry I Could Eat A Wolf (RM28) is the perfect breakfast set if you’re really hungry. Sausage and bacon, sauteed mushroom and a runny scrambled eggs alongside hash brown and bread, you can’t go wrong with this combination. Notable mention is the President butter, goes well with the bread that I even bought a pack from Village Grocer.


You don’t get a lot of joints selling pork burger here in KL, so when you found one, treasure it! Behold the Mighty Piggy Burger (RM24), pork patty with a slice of cheese and an egg served with fries and salad.


I like the juicy patty although again it might be a bit salty for some but it’s just nice for me. I also have this weird habit of eating it layer by layer so that I could cherish the flavour of each layers.

It’s a nice experience eating at 3 Little Pigs, and I must say I would definitely drop back for the pasta and breakfast set since it’s porky!

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf
G1A Ground Floor
Bangsar Village
Tel No : 03 2283 2270

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