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If you’re itching for a dose of Banana Leaf Rice in Subang Jaya, look no further that Abirami.

When I had my off day 2 weeks back, I drop by Subang Jaya to get some stuffs and initially I wanted to head over to the food court near Sunway College for their Nasi Lemak but decided otherwise since I need to wait for the shop to open so I decided to eat lunch at Abirami instead. The first time I was here was many years ago back in my Amex days and I vaguely remember that the Banana Leaf rice was ok, being hungry and all I quickly seated down and order a portion of banana leaf rice.

The waiter was quick to serve it with rice, assorted vegetables and curry gravy!


Never really know what is this, but I assumed that it’s Fried Bittergourd? Crunchy and always a great supplementary for the meal.


Not to miss out, cucumbers and potatoes.


I would like to order more but since I’m the only one eating, I ordered just the Chicken Masala which is pretty good. The dry gravy is deliciously spicy, but prepare for some booby trap (star anise!). You can also opt for a lot of other dishes like fried fishes and all and the selection of dishes is pretty good too.


It’s always nice to find a good place to have a good meal of banana leaf rice and Abirami certainly is one of those places that I wouldn’t mind dropping by again when I’m around that area.


The price is pretty reasonable, RM5.50 for a serving of rice and RM5 for the Chicken Masala.

Abirami Restaurant
No C1 Ground Floor
Jalan SS15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya

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