You can never get enough of the famous Foh San Dim Sum 8

The ever famous Foh San dim sum is a famous haunt by tourists for some scrumptious and variety of dim sum. It is so famous that it had become a landmark for outstation people, like Lou Wong Taugeh Chicken is behind Foh San, Funny Mountain taufufah is opposite Foh San.

A little advise here, go as early as 7 am or as late as 11 am because it is hard to get a table here. Bring ur bill to the cart and take your own dim sum as the waitress will be too busy to entertain you. The best is going there early in the Sunday morning as they have some special items that are only available on Sunday.


Foh San is the best place with some nostalgic feel. It's great to come here with a big gang of eater because you can try out more varieties this way. However if there's only a few of you try their Har Gao (you'll be amazed by the amount of prawns found beneath the crystal clear skin), Char siu bao (how nice izzit? they have frozen version of char siu bao sold at major supermarkets), egg tarts (people from outstation often buy the egg tarts in batch as souvenirs).

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