The Really Delicious Siew Pau and Curry Puff in Ipoh 4

If you happen to have a chance to visit Ipoh, please try this pastry shop. It is also located in Old Town Ipoh. Their signature will be the curry puff. Other pastries will be siew pau, egg tart and kaya puff. They also sell fried ice-cream which I think is quite special.

The above is their "Siew Pau". Siew Pau is a type of Chinese pastry which is baked outside and stuffed with some sweet sauce with pork meat inside. I chose to introduce their siew pau rather than the curry puff first is because I think that thier siew pau is far different from normal seremban siew pau. Let take a close look at the stuff inside.

The sweet sauce inside is juicy which is its specialty compare to normal dry sauce, this is really worth a try.

The picture shows their curry puffs. Thier curry puff consisting of delicious thick curry with chicken and potatoes.

The skin is really thin and crispy. As you can see, there is egg inside the pie which is an additional ingredient to the curry puff. Coming up next will be the fried ice-cream.

This fried strawberry ice-cream flavor is in a love shape. This deep frozen ice-cream is rolled in a layer of flour flakes and it is instantly be deep fried after your order. Event though it is fried in boiled oil but it will not melt while being fried, it is because of the super low temperature of the ice-cream. The skin is hot but the stuff is cold, it's really special and delicious.

The upper pastries are the egg tarts whereas the lower one will be the kaya puffs.

This is the front view of the OCK stall.

Shop Address:

No.33, Jalan Market (side),

30000 Ipoh, Perak.

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