The Fresh Grilled Fish in Broga Kajang 13

Today I am going to bring you to eat fish just beside a lake. You can enjoy the meal and at the same time watch fishes swimming freely in the water. Yes, this is a wonderful place to eat grilled fish. It is located in a very remote area where it does not even exist in the map. To get to this place, you have to know the location of a very famous chinese temple in Broga Kajang. This temple is with the name "shi na tok". After you reach the front gate of the temple, take a turn to your left and go straight and you can see the restaurant on your left.

This is the view taken from the restaurant.

As you can see from the picture, the dining place is just located beside the lake.

Talapia fishes swimming in the lake.

They are famous with their grilled fish and the fish is normally served with rice. The fish that they use is the Talapia fish(ikan talapia). The marinaded fishes are wrapped together with the necessary ingredients such as onion and chilis with foil and are put on top of the charcoal. The direct heat from charcoal flames cooks fish fast, easy and without removing moisture. The fishes have to be grilled over medium to medium-low heat so that the fishes will not be overcook.

The picture shows the assam grilled fish. I think the hardest part of grilling fish is knowing when it's done especially when the fish is covered under the foil. The chef must be an experienced cooker cause the texture of the fish is very fine and tender. The fish is flavorful and juicy and without any fishy smell. I think the fish is very fresh cause I saw them caught the fishes from the lake.

This is the most well-known dish which we call it as the extreme hot grilled fish. They cook it with lady's-finger and chili padi.

This one takes the longest time to cook because the fish is wrapped with banana leaf. Personally I think this is the best among all especially when you eat it with the chili padi sauce given.

Other than those flavours that I described above, this restaurant also have black pepper, mushroom, curry, nyonya and tom yam flavour. Go and have a try and give me some comments.

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