The Best Satay in Kajang 5

It was a busy evening. I was so tired and felt like skipping my dinner then I received a call from my buddie. Guess what? They told me that they were going to try the best satay in town! I decided to go without any consideration cause I didn't want to miss this golden opportunity to try best food. He he!~ After half and hour, we reached this place at the town of Kajang.

This was the stall that we went. There were four of us. However, we ordered 80 sticks of satay, 30 lambs and 50 chickens. Yeah yeah, there were a lot, haha!~ While I was waiting, I took an opportunity to take down pictures when the chef was cooking.

For a delicious satay, the meat needs to be of prime quality and should be grilled over charcoal flames in traditional way. Wow… Can you see the flame?

Satay is the original food of Malaysia. Satay is a type of grilled and skewered meat. This delicious looking picture presents the lamb and chicken satay served with fresh cucumber and onion. The texture of the satay was fine and soft unlike other ordinary satay. I think they used some special rempah cause I could taste that their satay was so different!~

This picture shows the thick peanut sauce that we had on that day. The chef was so generous with the sauce cause we could always asked for top up for the sauce. Another special thing is they provides sambal belacan for thier customer. It is optional, for the spicy lover, with the sambal, the sauce becomes hot.

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