Sun Seng Fatt Curry Hor Fun in Ipoh 5

I would say the best Ipoh curry will be the Sun Seng Fatt curry which is also located in Ipoh Old Town. Thier signature dish will be their curry Hor Fun.

Hor Fun (Cantonese) is a type of noodle made from rice. Ipoh Hor Fun tasted nicer than KL Hor Fun is because Ipoh Hor Fun is thinner, more slippery and more chewy.

This fine meal feature shows the dry curry Hor Fun. As you can see, there are big prawns, mint leaf and sliced chicken over a bed of the curry Hor Fun. Their curry is thick but not very spicy. If you can't take spicy curry but you like curry, I would strongly recommend this dish to you.

This will be the Hor Fun in curry soup. This is another thumb up dish. Coming up next will be the famous Ipoh bean sprouts.

If you happen to have a chance to visit Ipoh, the Ipoh bean sprouts is a must try dish. What so special about Ipoh bean sprouts? From the delicious looking picture above, you can see that Ipoh bean sprouts are shorter, fatter and sweeter, it is because Ipoh bean sprouts grow up with the mountain's mineral water.

Another side dish will be the dumpling but I personally think that it is just an very ordinary one.

The picture above shows the Sun Seng Fatt restaurant.

The pictures hanging on the wall the dishes they have, they even have non-spicy Hor Fun.

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