Steamed Clams at Restoran Boston Baru, Klang

To resume the seafood journey at Telok Gong, Eating at Seafood Pradise, Telok Gong here is another spot for steamed clams, Restoran Boston Baru. This time, we left the house extra early because we learned from previous experience. I am not joking, see picture below for proof. (All the photos taken this time are rather bad, because of the poor lighting environment. Sorry for that. please share if you know how to correct this without using flash. I am using ISO 400)

Those people were just 15 min later than us. If you plan to dine here 6.30pm will be the best time. We reached 7.00pm that day and all the seats inside the restaurant were occupied, but my advice is NEVER take the seat inside.  As they have a very bad ventilation, it is REAL hot inside.

The ordering is really mess up here, because only one person taking order and the rest will really much depend on this guy who can speak quite fluent hokkien. (I believe he isn't local) so my quick tips are,

  1. keep pressuring him on the order, or else the food you ordered might ended up at somebody table / wait for another hour for the food to be served.
  2. Stay alert! and observe the order before you and after.
  3. Eat something first before you come, don't ask just do it.

The steamed clams (lala), the signature dish here. They cook the best steamed clams in klang, but it was quite disappointing this time.  If you just recently visited them, and you had tasted the steamed clams please comment. I am wondering whether it is still worth visiting next time.

For comparision we ordered the same dish that we had it at Telok Gong that day, "san xian" (mandarin) / "sam sin" (cantonese) Mixture of 3 types of seafood. I personally voted for the Telok Gong one, because it has more seafood and also it is cheaper. The plus point is because it is cooked with "belacan" but my sis prefers this so it is subjected to your own tastebud.

Fried chicken cooked with thai source, nothing special about this. Just normal, so far i have not come across with really good one yet.

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