Sakura Cafe at Taman Pelangi JB 3

I went to JB 3 weeks ago. My cousin over there brought me around for some nice food. So I'll inrtoduce the places that I personally find worth trying when you are in JB. This blog I'll introduce Sakura Cafe.

 Sakura Main Entrance

Its different from the sakura in KL (famous for nasi lemak), its just co-incidently share the same name. The environment setting of the cafe is really cosy, it gives you the old country cottage feeling with its antiques placed around the cafe. You'll definitely feel very much at home (thats what I feel that time :-p) as you can see from the 2 pictures below:

Inside 1

 Inside 2

OK, enough of the intro, now lets get to their food 😉 The 1st dish is their claypot soy-sauce chicken. It taste nice, but nothing special about it.

Soy sauce chic

Next, is their sizzling hot-plate tauhu. Its gravy is thick and with some minced-meat, it gives you a really nice combination. Taste wise, its nice, but nothing special though, however, the special thing is not its gravy, its actually their tauhu, its really TENDER SOFT!!! Its their home-made 😉 so its different from what other hauhu we get elsewhere.

Sizzling tauhu

Come next is their curry fish head. Its curry, is cooked with loads of santan and this makes it really THICK and CREAMY!!! It taste really GOOD too 😉 You'll find those typical curry fish head stuffs in it such as lady's fingers, cabbage, egg-plant…etc. There are many nice curry fish head in klang valley, but I had never tried 1 thats that THICK and CREAMY as this 1 before. I'll give it an 8 out 10 😉

Curry fish head

Now, comes my favourite dish of the night, the Steam-egg with otak-otak. The egg itself, I suppose they dint add any seasoning to it, but when its steamed together with otak-otak, its able to contain the taste flowed out from the otak-otak, thus making its taste well-blended. Its just brilliant because its mild and not salty as usually otak-otak tend to be quite salty.

steam egg with otak otak

The dishes that you find from its menu are familiar dishes that you'll be able to find in other restaurants. However, its cosy ambience that makes it stands out from a typical chinese restaurant. Well, I personally finds it a really nice place for couples to have a romantic dinner as its not crowded. Each table is well separated which gives privacy 😉 furthermore, its near Christmas, with its X'mas decor, it feels even better.

Sakura cafe

77 Jalan Kuning

Taman Pelangi 80400 JB

Tel: 07-3324132/3319686

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