Restoran On Kee at Permas Jaya JB

Well, heres another restaurant from JB that I wana share with you guys. Its called Restoran Permas On Kee.

 On Kee

I would say it is a typical chinese restaurant that you'll find in any other corner in Malaysia. So I'll just get straight to their signature dishes that I find its different from other places. The 1st dish is the Chicken Floss Taohu. Im not a chicken floss fan personally, however the sweetness of the floss is able to blend-well with the soury gravy, thus creating a swett-and-sour taste, a real soothing taste, its perfect as an appetizer. Sandwhiched between the floss and gravy is a TENDER soft home-made taohu, the 3 of them make them a great combination.

chic floss taohu

Come next is the Hong Siu Pork Knuckle. Its tender but not too soft. Its texture is well-controlled cook I would say. Covered with a thick gravy, its a must have for the pork lovers 😉

Pork Knuckle

Next up is the Honey-fried Chicken. Yeah, I know you guys is able to find this dish elsewhere easily, but this is different from the normal 1 I had before. The taste of thin layer of gravy covering the drummet taste like a typical Mat Jap chic, its actually the chicken that is standout from the rest. I duno what they had done to the chicken meat. It just feels different when you chew it, its texture is like eating hollow in the middle but you could still feel its tenderness. I also duno how to put it in words ;-p To put it sumple, its just super crispy and crunchy, and you'll only able to feel theres a pc of chicken meat inside after a few chew….

honey chic

Now, enough of meat, lets look at seafood. We ordered the Hamdan (salted-egg) prawns that night. Each and every part of the prawn is well-covered with salted-egg. The prawns are fried together with some chili padi and curry leaves. It gives a a very mild spicy taste and its so creamy when the salted-egg starts to melt while you are chewing the prawn….hehe Its just mouth-watering ;-p

Hamdan prawn

Wow, now comes the most costly dish of the night. The Yin yeong Cod fish. Its called yin yeong because its served in 2 style in 1 dish. 1 slice is deep-fried, the other is steamed, then the fried slice is serve together with the juices and suace from the steam 1. A perfect combination.

cod fish

Well, looking at the dishes, I thought it'll be costly. But surprisingly, its not too bad at all, its reasonably priced, I would say 😉 So If you happen to be around JB and have time to go hunt for nice food, this restaurant is highly reccomended, its value for $$$. Its located at Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, an industrial area in JB. I did saw Jaya Jusco and Projet around that area. Here are the contacts:

84, 86 Jalan Permas 10

Bandar Baru Permas Jaya

81750 Masai, JB, Johor

07-3882261 / 3889516

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