My Father’s Favorite Popiah in Ipoh

There is a place in Ipoh that is very famous with their food. This place is the Ipoh Old Town. There are many stalls operate in the morning until afternoon. One of the kopitiam will be Kong Heng restaurant. Inside there, there is a popiah stall named "Zhong ji". This stall is very well-known to malaysian as well as singaporian. It is also my father most favorite popiah. He always says that this is the best popiah he has ever tried.

Picture above shows the "Zhong Ji" popiah. Popiah is Hokkian style fresh spring roll. The skin is made up of rice flour and it is usually stuffed with shredded omelette, cucumber, sengkuang and sliced carrot and etc. But for "Zhong Ji", thier various ingredients are sliced cucumber, dried prawns, fried onions, shredded omelette and sengkuang.

The stall owner and her workers were loading all the ingredients on top of the skin and after that they would wrap it into form a parcel and then cut it into 4 sections. As you can see from the picture, there were lots of dried prawns and fried onions.

Thier popiah skin is very soft and thin. Since the owner is very generous with the dried prawns and fried onions, as a result the popiah is very crispy which is different from other popiah. The combination of sweetness and spiciness of the sauce is just right. It's really delicious.

They also have been reviewed by a few newspapers. It proves that they are really good.

This is the map to "Zhang Ji" at Kong Heng restaurant.

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