Wine Accessories – Guide to Various Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories - Guide to Various Wine Accessories

A number of small devices are available in the market to make the dealing with wine an enjoyable session. Some of them are costly luxury items just to provide a memorable experience while having wine.

The most important wine accessories that is essentially required for a wine bottle is the opener and or corkscrew. A large variety of wine bottle openers are now available in the market with different costs. The most common type among these bottle openers are winged style bottle opener. Wings style openers are exactly like wings in its shape. The liver on the sides of the opener rise when the center part of the opener is inserted to the cork of the bottle. When the wings are lowered, the cork of the bottle will come up.

Another type of wine bottle opener that is commonly used is wine key. It is also known as waiter’s front. Compared to wing style bottle opener wine key is small and have only one liver on the side of the key. Both wine key and wing style cork screw are easy to get and are not expensive.

Another type of bottle opener that is available now is the liver pull corkscrew. Liver pull corkscrew is more expensive than wing cork screw and waiter’s key. However expensive liver pull corkscrew is easy to operate than the other two types of wine bottle openers. Liver pull corkscrew has a clamp with it, to make the holding of the neck easy. Removing the wine bottle neck using liver pull corkscrew is an effortless job compared to other two varieties of wine bottle openers.

We have different types of wine glasses for different wines. For red wines most of us use larger bowl style wine glasses. When it comes to white wine, people prefer small wine glasses.

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